Install this update and make calls with Toky app

In Toky, we want to help you communicate more effectively with your customers. Answering and making phone calls when you need it is very important. With Toky's Android app update, you can now make calls among other new features. We invite you to check out these improvements and how they will help you better serve your customers and thus improve sales.

Make phone calls from Toky app

Make calls to landlines or mobile phones

Outbound phone number selection is available if you've included at least one Toky number in your Toky for business account

Call your teammates using Toky app With this option, you'll improve team collaboration. Now you can talk with other agents directly, regardless of their location. These calls are unlimited.

Call your contacts using Toky app With these features, you will be able to return calls as well adding other benefits as shared history and call recording.

Start getting business calls the right way. Avoid losing customers because you can't be there to answer a phone.Sign up for Toky for Business and know all the features that Toky has to offer to your business.

Call history is now shared and improved

Call history improved in Toky app With the last update of our Toky's Android app you will have access to the account call history, so you'll know if there are unanswered calls and return them with a single tap on the phone icon. Collaborate with your team calling customers for a follow-up or closing a deal. ¡Download Toky app now!

Get Toky and start receiving calls the right way and improve communication with your customers and your team. ¡Try Toky for Business!

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