Integrate Shopify with Toky to increase sales and improve customer service

Shopify is an excellent platform used by thousands of entrepreneurs to start their online store businesses and offer products and services. Starting a shop with Shopify is simple and requires a few simple steps that start with the creation of an account and executing some configuration tasks that you can easily follow, you will start selling your products and services and even receiving online payments. But after having your store set up, it is essential to keep in mind the importance of offering a phone contact to your customers.

Perhaps online stores don't seem to need a telephone contact with their customers, but the truth is that having phone lines for customer service offer a great value since they give online stores a sense of closeness and trust to their buyers, who already know they have alternatives to get personal contact talk about their questions, suggestions, and complaints. Toky offers excellent features with which an online store can have a call center to serve its customers from anywhere in the world, among which we can mention:

  • You can buy virtual phone numbers in more than 60 countries
  • Send and receive SMS text messages, which you can use to notify customers and also for SMS marketing.
  • Calls recording
  • Use Toky anywhere with our calling apps for your desktop Mac or Windows or from your mobile device with our apps for iOS or Android.
  • Live call button that allows customers to contact you with a click in your online store.
  • You can create a call center with a distributed team, allowing you to have agents in different locations and countries operating as a single team.

How to integrate Toky with Shopify

Using our Zapier integration you can connect Toky with Shopify to automate many tasks. The following templates, for example, will help you to integrate SMS text messages to notify your customers about paid orders, notification about products shipped or synchronize your customers with Toky to use the caller ID.

You can also use Zapier to achieve other tasks between Shopify and Toky such as Creating a customer in Shopify when a call is registered in Toky

You can also integrate Toky with the payment gateways used in Shopify to keep track of your payments:

Start now to use Toky for your online business and discover all our features. Try Toky free!

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