Start conversations in Intercom from Toky SMS messages

SMS messaging is an effective and direct way to contact your customers and if you bear in mind that you do not require installed messaging apps, anyone with a mobile number can create conversations with text messages.

Using SMS in Intercom

Intercom allows you to create conversations with SMS messages when you enable integration with a virtual phone system. By doing this Intercom will not only allow you to answer conversations using SMS messages, but it will also integrate the conversation to the contact related to that phone number.

Intercom SMS text messaging

How to enable SMS conversations in Intercom using Toky?

After enabling Intercom integration with Toky and if you have SMS-enabled phone numbers, you can activate the option to reply SMS messages in your Intercom conversations. When a customer sends an SMS message to one of your virtual phone numbers you will see this text message as a new conversation and when you reply, Toky will send a text message to the customer's phone number. The integration enables a two-way text messaging with your customers.

For this, you can go to the Intercom integration configuration and check the options that are shown in the image.
Toky intercom SMS configuracion

You can use our Bulk SMS sender add-on to make SMS marketing campaigns with customers and continue conversations from Intercom.

There is much more you can do integrating Toky with Intercom. Visit

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