It's not just UX and FAQ's, your customers should get answers

On a website, well designed UX is the key for visitors to find what they need while enjoying the ride and getting smoothly to the purchase decision. However, you shouldn't forget that the experience of a client on your site should be, at least, similar to the one on a physical store.

When a customer walks into a store, it's the layout and signage which guides the search and discovery of the a product they'll buy, but customer service is very important. I don't mean the intrusive customer service where a salespersons seems to be a stalker, asking everybody what they are looking for every 5 minutes. I talk about the good customer service where the salespersons is there when the customer needs him and ready to answer any questions.

More than just a click to call, Toky has some great features that you should know.

Many sites try to fulfill the information customers need with FAQ's, forums, comments and good UX, but they forget something very important, a channel to solve simple and personal questions. When website visitors can access this type of channels they feel the company actually cares. You should have at least a chat and if you can a voice solution that allows the visitor to get some custom answers from someone in your business. A phone line is useful, but if visitors can call directly from the site is better.

Your customers will feel important if you can give them a customized answer to their questions, even if the answer for the question can be found in a FAQ section. They'll be happy to know that someone from your business took the time to talk with them about their doubts.

Chat is one of the usual choices, but phone support will be highly valuable to your customers. In a world where just in 2016 more than 2 billion smartphones could be sold and that mobile users will be more than 5 billion for 2019 (Statista) a lot of your customers will see your site from a mobile devices and in this scenario voice call will be more convenient than chat.

Clic-to-call in purchase phase

A good customer experience is not just about UX and design. When your customers feel your support during the purchase process and have the resources to solve every doubt quickly, you will have happier clients and that always means more sales.

With Toky your visitors will always have your support with just a click. Receiving calls from your website is easy and it only take few minutes. ¡Try Toky!

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