Make follow-up calls and improve your sales with Pipedrive CRM

Turning a lead into a customer is a long and tedious journey; the process from the leads selection to the presentations, contacts, and closing could last days and even months for some cases. Sales are sometimes more like an endurance race than a speed race.

follow up calls stats

The previous statistics, should not be taken lightly because besides persistence, strategy, and order are essential to have successful sales processes. Calling a customer 5 times doesn't ensure a sales; You must have a clear goal and provide value in each phone contact so that your calls generate interest and not an annoyance. Having an adequate control of how your leads go through every phase of your sales process is important, so defining a contact strategy to be able to perform an adequate follow-up. These are easy tasks to fulfill when you combine Pipedrive CRM and Toky.

Calls planning

Pipedrive allows you to schedule different types of activities in advance with your customers and one of them is the scheduled call. It is important that you keep the following points in mind for each scheduled call:

  • Add a descriptive title of the activity.
  • Set the dates and times according to the routine of the lead and his preferences. Each call can help you define the date and time of the next one.
  • Use the notes field to add the call's goal, and commitments yours and from the lead, as well as previous call information.

The time between each call depends on the agreements you reach with your lead and the activities to be carried out; but it is important to always define with your customer the date and time of the next call to facilitate the process.

Add follow up call with Pipedrive CRM After planning the calls Pipedrive will help you to be aware of them from the web app or from your smartphone app.

Making follow up calls with Toky

When you enable the Toky and Pipedrive integration you will not only have the automatic logging of each call made to your customers and leads, but you can also call from Pipedrive with a just click thanks to Toky's click to call extension, when you need to make the follow-up call for a customer, you only need to go to the Activities section in Pipedrive and click on the phone number of the lead.

Click to call for Pipedrive

In the same way, you can use the Toky app for Android and you can enter Pipedrive and make international calls with a tap, using Toky. To do this you must first configure Toky as a call provider.

Enabling Toky as a Call provider app on Android After doing this you can start making international calls to your customers from the Pipedrive app using Toky.
Call from Pipedrive App with Toky virtual phone system

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