Make the onboarding of new call center agents easier

Adding new agents to your call center team is a normal process that can occur either due to your operations growth, or simply to meet a customer demand for a certain season. In any case, it's necessary for these agents to be ready in the shortest possible time, in order to increase the efficiency of your call center.

To achieve this, it's critical that you have a defined and documented procedure that allows your new agents to start making and receiving calls, in addition to executing the other tasks associated with their work. It's important that you keep the following elements in mind for a efficient onboarding process:

  • Documented processes: Consider having up-to-date documentation of the tasks that an agent must perform, explaining how to start their day, what to do between calls, break times, communication channels, team structure, and how to end their shift.
  • Training in your phone system: Your telephony solution is your agent's main tool, so you must ensure that they quickly understand everything from basic tasks such as making and receiving calls, to the more advanced ones, such as call transfers, sending SMS, attention to WhatsApp messages, and in general, the appropriate way to attend all the channels in which communication with your customers is supported.

    Toky has a resource page that can help you in your agent’s onboarding, guiding them in an orderly manner in the functions and characteristics of our cloud telephony platform. Learn more at this link

  • Training in your CRM and business applications: In addition to your phone system, your new agents must understand how other software such as CRM and other tools integrate with their processes and when they should use them, be it before, during or after their calls. Toky has CRM integrations that automate call events logging and allow one-click calls within your customer service software, but there are also other activities that must be carried out and that your agent should know.

  • Help and self-learning resources: Despite adequate training, your new agents will have doubts on a day-to-day basis, so in addition to showing them who can provide answers to their questions, we recommend that you provide online resources that can help them solve specific doubts. At Toky for example, we have a Help Center and a YouTube channel where you can find tutorials, definitions and answers to common problems.

One last suggestion to speed up the onboarding process of your new agents is to have configuration templates for their applications so that each one just will need their username and password to enter their applications and adjust their parameters according to their working method.

Toky's virtual phone system will help you improve your sales and customer service processes, thanks to its call center features and its ability to integrate with CRM software and other business tools. Try Toky for free!

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