Manage your call center better with Toky reports

Toky is a virtual telephony platform that allows any startup or small or medium size business to start a call center and serve their customers in the best way, without incurring installation costs or buying expensive equipment. But as important as the quality of communication, it is the management of your customer service activities, the tasks executed by your agents and the costs of operation.

Toky offers a set of reports helping you be in control of your call center operation, besides the basic operative listings, you can find the option Reports in Toky dashboard, some extra alternatives to manage better your marketing or customer support activities.

All Toky reports have an export option that will allow you to download the data into a file that can be opened by any spreadsheet software.

Call details

In this report, you can see the list of calls made with a summary graph that shows you the inbound and outbound calls, missed calls, voice mails etc.
Summary of calls by state Toky

Call cost

In this report, you can see the list of outgoing calls or those related to call forwarding and the cost of each, besides to the summary of the last month.

With Toky you can make international calls to landlines and mobile phone numbers at an excellent price per minute.

Toky call cost report

Calls per number

In this report, you will see the summary of calls made by each of the virtual phone numbers.
Calls per virtual phone number

Calls per agent

In this report, you will see the summary of calls made by each of the agents in your call center.
Calls per call center agent

Calls per group

This report will show the related calls for each agent group, classified by state.
Calls made pero group of agents

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