How to optimize your call center with a multi-level IVR

When your customers call your business and your IVR system answers, they will always have a maximum of 10 options to choose the best way to receive attention. In many cases they will have to wait to listen to the audio description of every option available to choose the one that best suits their needs. When you have a multilevel IVR you can group your options in a smarter way and so every customer can navigate more easily until they reach the agent that will provide the best service.

What is multi-level IVR?

Multi-level IVR is a setting that allows each IVR option to be assigned a new IVR, with its own audios and options. This will allow you to provide your customers with a menu with specialized options groups instead of a long and limited list of alternatives, this will help your customers contact the right agent in less time, and optimize your call center by avoiding unnecessary call transfers. \

Benefits of a multi-level IVR

  • Improve customers’ experience, as they will be able to navigate your IVR menu in a more efficient way until they reach the agent that can best serve them, without listening to long audios with many options or jumping among agents.
  • Optimize call distribution by allowing your customers to choose options based on their needs, and talk to the right agents, no transfers needed.
  • Resolve common queries quicker by creating specific menus with informative audios that allow customers to solve their frequent doubts, without having to contact an agent.
  • Assign your agent groups more efficiently, take advantage of those who have more experience to attend to IVR options that require specific knowledge. You can also enable call forwarding to provide direct contact between customers and experts without having to share your agents’ personal phone numbers.
  • Provide your customers with a centralized and direct contact to all areas, teams or agents of your company.

Common use cases of a multi-level IVR

  • Offer menus in different languages, creating an initial level where the languages ​​available for each option are mentioned, and then within each one, create an IVR with audios in the selected language.
  • Group options related to certain aspects of your product or service, for example:
    • Option 1 Sales: Product inquires, order status, claims.
    • Option 2 Support: Technical support, billing questions.
  • Centralize the contact of different branches of your business. For example:
    • Option 1 Zone A: Branch A1, Branch A2, Branch A3.
    • Option 2 Zone B: Branch B1, Branch B2, Branch B3.
  • Provide answers for frequent inquiries, for example:
    • Option 1 General information: Office hours, payment methods, office locations.

How to create a multi-level IVR with Toky

You can create a multi-level IVR by selecting the send to IVR action within any IVR option.

Multi level IVR call center

Then you can edit a new IVR that will be associated with the option:

IVR options

Create a new set of options and actions for the new IVR:

create a new IVR level

You must remember to set the audio messages within each new IVR level describing the options.

If you want to see a detailed tutorial about our Multi-level IVR, you can read this article from our help center.

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