Offering free phone calls to customers can help you sell more

You may be losing customers by just letting them contact your business via chat, email or even social networks. In spite of what you can imagine, these contact means have not displaced the telephone. The truth is that a phone call is still interpreted by customers as one of the most optimal ways to get quick answers to their requests.

In addition to this, recent studies have shown that there is greater effectiveness in sales by telephone calls than in contacts by other means; all this because the phone calls are a more personal contact and therefore, a customer who communicates with your business by this mean, has a greater purchase intention than the one that does it through other channels.

Now, let there be something clear; if you want someone to buy you must facilitate the process, if you want them to click on a button on your website, you must make your button bigger and flashy and if you want your customers to call you, you must facilitate the process.

How to make your customers call you more?

The best way to get your customers to call you more is to provide them different ways to reach you and make these calls free for them. To do this you must forget to use a mobile phone or a traditional landline for your business; the first because it implies a cost to the customer and the second one because of its lack of mobility. In this case, you can really use services of cloud telephony that can provide you features like:

  • Click to Call buttons: They are buttons that you can add on your website and your customers can call you for free on the internet.
  • Virtual phone numbers: Unlike traditional telephone numbers, virtual phone numbers can be assigned in the cities and countries you require and your customers can make local calls that you can answer from anywhere in the world and they are free for your customer and your business.
  • Call links: Some cloud telephony services can offer you a link that you can send by email, post on social networks or any website and your customers can call you for free online.

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The importance of good customer service

Your team must be able to serve your customers properly. It's not enough having a good telephony platform for your business if there are no people with the right attitude to use it.

With good customer service, you can take advantage of the telephone contact to enrich the experience of your customers and increase your sales or retain your current customers. A simple smile can make the difference between good and bad customer service.

In conclusion

Offering your customers a way they can call you for free, helps reduce barriers and facilitates telephone contact; when a customer call to your business, you can take advantage to give a great experience and maybe close more sales. There are several ways to offer this type of calls without cost, thanks to the cloud telephony and VoIP technology, you can take advantage of them in your business without requiring high costs or complex configurations.

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