Our referral program: Our way to say thank you to customers who trust us

For us at Toky, is very important to keep our customers happy and that's why we work every day to provide a product that exceeds their expectations and to help businesses to grow by improving their communication with customers.

Our customers rely on us and some of them recommend Toky to people they know. We think, this is the best sign that we are doing a good job.

For some time we have been working on a way to thank and compensate our customers for their loyalty. As a result of this continued loyalty we offer our customers a referral plan.

To show our appreciation to our customers who recommend us, we have developed a referral plan which goes beyond our gratitude. So we have designed a simple and attractive plan in which if you invite others, you'll get a benefit that can be applied to your own Toky account, Would you not agree that sharing is good as well? so we have extended the plan to offer a reward to those who accept your invitation too.

. ¿How the Toky referral plan works?

Our referral plan is very simple, as a Toky customer,if you invite someone who creates an account and then signs up for a paid plan then you will receive US$ 10 that can be used in your account as follows:

  • Agent discount: You can use your reward to reduce your next bill.
  • Call balance: You can increase your balance for outbound calls.
  • Phone numbers: You can use your reward to buy new virtual phone numbers or to pay the ones you already have.

Your referral will receive US$ 5 which they can use in the same way.

¿How can you invite friends to use Toky?

To be part of the referral plan you must be a customer with one of our paid plans. If you are not a Toky user, visit www.toky.co and start improving your communication with customers.

To invite your friends, you can go to your Toky dashboard and in the upper right corner, before your name, you'll see a small icon, if you pass your mouse over it, you'll see some text Recommend Toky.
Toky referral plan After clicking on this button you will be transferred to the referral board where you'll see a summary of your referral invitations:
Toky referral plan configuration In this table, you can see the successful invitations (accepted and registered to a paid plan), how much money have you earned, what has been redeemed and how much is left.

You can enable the option Automatically redeem my coupons on my recurring payments so every reward generated is applied automatically to your actual payments.

To invite your friends, you just go to the upper right corner and click on the Recommend button.
Invite friends to Toky

In the popup, you can enter up to 20 of your referrals email addresses, separated by a comma (,).

Then click on the Send invitation button and one email will be sent on your behalf to the indicated emails, inviting your friends to sign up to Toky. For every person invited, who signs up to a Toky paid plan you will receive a US$ 10 reward and your friend US$ 5.

Ready to invite some friends, go to www.toky.co and start inviting those that you think will benefit by using Toky.

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