Getting started with Pipedrive CRM

One of the most important processes of any business is sales; whether you offer products or services, you should always have a customer who pays for them to ensure the continuity of your business. This very important process can not be carried out without any order if you really want it to be effective and you want to be able to pass from a simple contact to a sale. A CRM is important and Pipedrive integrations can help you achieve it in a properly.

What is Pipedrive CRM?

It is a customer management system on the cloud, which will help you to keep track of your leads or prospects and current customers, but it also helps you to execute activities for taking a customer from an initial phase to submitting a proposal and closing a deal with a sale. You can also get more out of this CRM software integrating Pipedrive with your cloud phone system. This CRM offers in addition to its web app a Pipedrive chrome extension that will help you to perform various activities.

General concepts of Pipedrive


In this tab, you manage all the deals which are being carried out and you can handle them at different stages in your sales pipeline. The sequence of stages will allow you to visually check which deals are in the process, the associated activities and the value you can get from everyone.

Pipedrive CRM allows you to create more than one sales pipeline and adding or removing the steps when you need it; our advice is to manage a simple stages structure according to your business.

Pipedrive CRM pipeline and stages


In this tab, you can find the e-mail address that Pipedrive assigns you, which is similar to With this email, you can use Pipedrive email tracking for emails sent and received. When you email your customers or leads you can add this email in the BCC field and the message will be listed in this section and also attach the contact to the customer's history.

You can send and receive emails to your contacts, linking an email account but this requires an account in a special plan.


In this section you can find scheduled activities executed with each deal, the activities can be:
* Call * Meeting * Task * Deadline * Email * Lunch

Pipedrive CRM Activities

Each task is associated with a business, contact and organization.


In this tab, you can manage the people and organizations with which you do business. A person must belong to an organization and you can add basic information such as full name, email and contact numbers. Pipedrive keeps the process simple so additional fields to those needed to run the business are not included.


In the statistics tab, you will have access to summary information that will help you evaluate the sales process, with the following options:

  • Company: It shows a summary report of all agents involved in the sales process, you can see data about deals won and lost, as well as the number of activities executed and completed in a period of time.
  • Personal: This dashboard shows your own performance as an agent.
  • Reports: It offers a series of pre-designed reports, aimed at evaluating your effort in activities, pipeline and sales performance.
  • Live dashboard: Displays in real time, all data recorded in the system in a summarized way. Real time CRM indicators

Example of a basic sales process with Pipedrive

After you sign up for a trial account in Pipedrive CRM A basic sales process with this CRM could be as follows:

1) Create a new deal in the tab Deals Creating a deal in Pipedrive CRM

When you create the deal, Pipedrive will create the person and the organization if they do not exist. It is recommended to go to the Contacts tab to finish entering the information.

2) We have to open the created deal and complete contact information, you can assign an activity that can be for example call customer and schedule a meeting. Add an activity to a deal in Pipedrive

3) After calling your lead and scheduling a meeting, you can drag your deal to the corresponding step. Change deal from step in a pipeline 4) You can do the same steps adding activities or notes depending on the business process and then when a deal is won or lost you can drag it to the corresponding step or state. You can even send it to the trash can to discard test deals.

How to put a deal as won in Pipedrive CRM

How to get more out of Pipedrive CRM?

You can improve your sales process using several Pipedrive integrations. Connecting Pipedrive CRM with Toky, you can make calls with a single click and much more. You can also use Pipedrive mobile app and make Toky the default calling app so you can call your customers from your mobile phone using Toky
Toky Pipedrive CRM integration click to call Thanks to our Pipedrive integration, each call you make using Toky, is added as a note, to the customer's history within the CRM automatically and if the customer calls to your virtual phone number and this identified as one of the customers phone numbers, the note of the call answered or lost and even voice mail are added to the customer's history too.

Do you want to try the Toky and Pipedrive CRM integration? Learn more and give it a try for free

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