Pipedrive integrations to improve your sales processes

Pipedrive is an excellent CRM software designed to support your sales processes and help you take your leads from the first contact, through your sales funnel, until you close a deal. Besides its multiple features, you can use Pipedrive integrations to enhance your workflow, reduce manual tasks, and get more productivity out of your marketing and sales teams. We want to share some apps that can boost your work in critical phases of the sales process and help you achieve the goals you set, more efficiently.

1. Lead generation

An essential part of your sales process is to fill your pipeline with potential customers, which ideally must be qualified leads, this means those prospects who have a higher chance of becoming customers. These leads generally meet qualifications such as financial capacity, purchase intention, they have needs that your product or service can fulfill, as well as other aspects of each type of business. For B2B or SaaS businesses, these company qualifications can include annual revenue, number of employees, location, among others; and for B2C companies it can be income level, profession, purchase history and activity on your website. The following integrations with Pipedrive will help you get and qualify your leads, and put them directly into your CRM.


Leadfeeder connects to your Google Analytics account to analyze the traffic of your website and turn your visitors into a list of companies, besides events like visited pages and more. The integration allows you to define some conditions in Leadfeeder to send Pipedrive only the leads that meet the criteria of your ideal customer.


Prospect.io allows you to use a Google Chrome extension to extract the leads' emails directly from their website or social networks, like LinkedIn. The integration with Pipedrive helps you to send selected email addresses straight into your pipeline.


Zapier will help you connect Pipedrive with more than 1000 tools, including lead generation tools such as form services like Typeform, Wufoo or Google Forms, Unbounce landing pages or specific services such as Facebook leads and LinkedIn Gen Forms. You can also use the Lead Score component to gather additional information about the captured emails, before using the Pipedrive integration with Zapier to bring your best leads to your pipeline.

2. Contact your prospects

Now that you’ve built a list of high-quality leads, your sales team can start contacting them. For this, you can use channels such as email, chat, or phone calls. The pipedrive email tracking feature is a great tool, but these apps can help you improve your communication in many other ways.


Intercom is an excellent live chat platform with great features to convert visitors of your website into customers and keep the conversation going for upselling or customer service. When you are in a conversation with a lead and conclude that you have a potential customer, the integration with Intercom will allow you to send the prospect directly to your sales flow, as well as having the Pipedrive information available inside the Intercom screen when you speak with a customer.


Toky is a virtual phone system that will let you start a call center in a few minutes, buy phone numbers, make phone calls, and send text messages to customers anywhere in the world. Phone calls are a very effective way to generate new sales, and Toky integration with Pipedrive will allow you to not only make phone calls to your leads without leaving the CRM, but also it will automatically synchronize the information of incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, and call recordings in Pipedrive CRM.


Front is a solution that allows you to create shared mailboxes from which your sales team can contact customers and leads effortlessly and effectively. The integration of Front with Pipedrive will enable you to not only generate new deals but to maintain the two applications in sync, reducing manual logging and increasing the productivity of your sales team.

3. Monitor your sales process

In addition to the way Pipedrive displays the status of your sales opportunities, you can utilize other integrations to track your sales, deals, and agents' performance.

Dealbot for Slack

Dealbot for Slack is an integration that will allow you to keep your team informed of each of your ongoing deals on Pipedrive; this will help you to know when your sales team creates a new deal when it changes its stage, and if a sale is closed or lost. This Pipedrive integration with Slack will facilitate the collaboration and timely communication of your sales team, as they will be able to track deals in a Slack channel, empowering collaboration with the chat and other features of Slack.


Heptaward is an integration that besides using real-time dashboards for monitoring your sales process, includes gamification features that can help motivate your sales team. The integration with Pipedrive sends the data to Heptaward so that the tool can display it on interactive boards suited for TV sets or external screens.


Cumul.io allows the creation of custom sales dashboards with real-time information from Pipedrive. The integration sends the data automatically from Pipedrive to the Cumul.io datasets, which you can use to display interactive dashboards that will help you monitor the status of each sale, the performance of your agents and the KPIs you want to track.

In conclusion

Pipedrive offers excellent features, but using additional integrations can help streamline sales processes, helping you push leads through your sales funnel more efficiently. The use of these Pipedrive integrations can help your business to get better results faster.

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