Use a power dialer to sell more in less time

Call center productivity is not defined by the number of made calls, but by the number of earned customers; all of us want to get a sale from every call, but the truth is that only some of them will result in new customers.

If you can make many calls to the right leads, you can acquire more customers. This goal can be achieved by using an efficient calling process that starts with the creation of phone number lists with a proper selection for potential customers, scripts that prevent the agent from wasting time thinking about what to say in the sales call and automatic dialing solutions that simplify calling and allow the agent to focus on the sale and not on dialing.

What is a power dialer?

Power dialer is a tool that allows your agents to make calls to a list of selected customers or leads quicker and without the need to dial each number. You can create campaigns, with phone number lists and basic contact information, the solution will call one by one automatically allowing your agents to focus on the conversation rather than dialing.

Benefits of a power dialer

  • Increase your call rate per day.
  • Reduce agents’ idle time generated every time they search for the next customer to call.
  • Increase the efficacy of your call center by reducing dialing errors.
  • Analyze easily the results of your sales calls as they are grouped in campaigns and not independently.
  • CRM integrations allow you to automatically log calls.
  • Agents will have more time to focus on customer service and sales.

How does Toky's power dialer work?

You will find the Power Dialer option in Toky's main menu:

Power dialer tool option menu

You can create a new campaign, which will allows you to select the phone used for outbound calls and adding phone numbers and information about your potential customers.

Create Power dialer campaign

You define the time between calls, which gives you a window to finish up a call and prepare for the next one; then you import your contacts from a CSV file, and you are ready to start the campaign.

Power dialer load contacts

After starting a power dialer campaign you can pause or stop it when you need it.

Power dialer campaigns

You can easily see basic statistics for a finished campaign and evaluate the results.

Power dialer statistics

Toky's virtual phone system will help you improve your sales and customer service processes, thanks to its call center features and its ability to integrate with CRM software and other business tools. Try Toky for free

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