Protect your privacy as a host for AirBnB and other hospitality services using cloud telephony

Platforms such as AirBnB or HomeAway can help you create a hospitality business. Many entrepreneurs have even started to grow in apartments, houses and rooms rentals; but this process always includes interacting with strangers and exposing yourself to sharing personal contact details that will include your phone number at some point.

An expected average occupancy rate of more than 50% for AirBnB implies that over the course of a year, you could be sharing your phone number with many guests and offering your personal phone numbers is not a good option for privacy issues and security. In this case, a cloud telephony service like Toky can offer you great features such as:

  • Virtual phone numbers You can have an exclusive phone number for your hospitality business that can be enabled only while you provide the service, protecting your privacy. If you stop providing the service or if you have a problem, you can cancel it or block the unwanted numbers. This phone number works like a regular telephone to which your guests can make local phone calls and you can answer in different ways, including your mobile phone.

  • Options for receiving international calls Maybe if you provide a good service, those satisfied customers can recommend you or want to keep in touch with you for future visits. Cloud telephony services can offer you call links and live calls from your website; these options make easy for potential customers in any country to call you for free using your online channels.

  • Call center features: You can get features like caller ID, voicemail, greeting messages, simultaneous calls and integrations with other systems, which are useful if your business goes beyond a single hosting site and you want to offer your customers professional customer service.

A cloud telephony service can help you improve your customer service and divide your AirBnB or HomeAway business from your personal information while protecting your privacy and security by having a phone number only for your hospitality business which you can suspend when you need it.

If you do not use AirBnB or HomeAway but have a hostel or a small hotel, you can take advantage of cloud telephony to provide better customer service at a fraction of the price paid by large hotels for complex PBX systems; this, will improve the image of your business to your customers, and it does not impact your operating costs.

Do you want to improve the customer service of your business and also offer your guests a simple way of calling you free from any country? Visit

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