Revamping the user experience of the Toky's dashboard

The Toky dashboard is very important in our platform and we have decided to redesign it in order to improve the experience of our users. We apply suggestions from many of our customers which we collect and add to our constant evolving roadmap.

What's new on the dashboard?

We've made great improvements in the layout of sections and tools. Our design and development teams have improved the agent panel to make collaboration easier for agents and to help with administration tasks for those responsible for call centers, as well as including improvements in the performance of the dashboard so that it works more efficiently.

New Toky Dashboard design
  1. We added a collapsible menu that allows a cleaner navigation, helping our users to easily find the options they use daily.
  2. Our statistics panel is easier to read and we're adding new indicators to improve call center management.
  3. Admin users will be able to see available credit with more ease in different Toky tools.
  4. When our customers have questions or problems, they can quickly reach our Help Center, or contact our support team.
  5. The notification panel will allow you to be aware of the events that occur in Toky, and that may require attention.
  6. The agents panel allows the detection of available agents in an agile and simple way, to call them or transfer customer calls. Administrators will have easy access to the agent management option.
  7. The list of recent calls had some changes to improve its readability, and unnecessary elements (such as agent photos) were removed.

Our customers who have less than 4 agents have a summary panel to avoid taking up unnecessary space.

New Toky Dashboard design

About the agents panel

The agent panel is an excellent tool as it will show you which agents are on a call, available, inactive, or after hours. Administrators can easily manage their team of agents, and access call monitoring options.

New Toky Dashboard agents panel

We'll continue to improve Toky, constantly evolving to make the product easier to use for our customers, not only to better the usage of our platform, but to achieve our goal of strengthening their sales and support teams that much more.

Toky is a powerful tool to improve communication with your customers without complex installations. Start your business call center with Toky now. Try Toky for free!

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