What you should do to overcome the most common sales objections

Whenever you offer your products or services, you have to prepare yourself for questions that make it difficult to close a sale, but the truth is that in many occasions these conditions simply are a part of each customers' situation. These obstacles that can appear in the commercial process are called sales objections and can spoil a sale if they are not handled properly; although sometimes they can also be valid, and will lead you to finish the negotiation.

It is very important to be ready to solve these questions confidently and directly, as they may arise through any of your communication channels. Whether you receive the objections personally, in a phone call, or through chat on platforms such as Intercom or WhatsApp, you should have the resources available to give a suitable response.

Main sales objections and how to deal with them

Price objections:

Perhaps the most common, are those in which the potential customer mentions that your price is very high, or that they don’t have the budget to pay for your product or service. To face them you must:

  • Provide specific cases in which you can show the value that your product or service brings to the customer. Sometimes when you explain the benefits and features, the price can be seen as more reasonable.
  • Offer several pricing alternatives, from predefined packages to different payment plans. A high price may look better when it is distributed in small payments.
  • As a last option, you can provide discounts based on special purchase conditions, such as minimum quantities or annual payments, in the case of services.

Objections by features

In these, you can receive questions or complaints regarding what your product or service may or may not do, or what it may or may not have. To handle these objections you must:

  • Understand every feature of your product, or get direct contact with someone who can clarify the situation. Sometimes you can lose a deal due to lack of knowledge of what is being sold.
  • Prepare use cases that can help the customer understand that the requested feature may not be essential to their business, or maybe you can offer alternatives to fulfill the need.
  • Learn what features can be customized in your offer, as well as those that may be in the development roadmap.

Objections for competitors

If you know how to choose your customers you will find that some of them could be using something from your competitors or maybe they are also in a negotiation process. In this case, you must:

  • Learn more about your main competitors and the features they offer, and how your product can be better than them.
  • You can highlight all your best features, including customer service, but always avoid talking badly about your competitors.
  • You must research estimated prices in your market segment, and mention cases of customers who came to you from other products or services, tell them why these customers did this.

Objections for lack of customer’s purchase authority

This obstacle is not related to your offer, but to the person with who you are negotiating with. When you are in contact with someone who cannot make a purchase decision, you should try to establish contact with the real decision-maker. When you get a call or a meeting you must have:

  • Clear and concrete information about your offer
  • Special prices and discounts, if applicable
  • Flexibility in payment methods
  • The necessary information to take care of the other objections in this list

If you have a call center with a virtual phone system, you can train your sales agents to use call scripts and pre-designed answers for the main objections; this way they can improve the sales process and also give a consistent response. Use resources such as call recordings, transcriptions or scripts from your live chat platform, to collect the most common sales objections from your customers. Prepare your team to give unified answers; this will help you to reduce mistakes that may cause the loss of a deal, and also it will make your agents more confident.

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