How to send bulk SMS with Excel using Toky Add-in

SMS is a very effective channel to reach all of your customers, as it can be received even without a working internet connection, and it has an excellent open rate. At Toky, we want to help you easily run SMS campaigns, so, in addition to our Bulk SMS add-on for Google Sheets, we've created an add-in for Excel that will help you reach many customers with personalized messages.


Using the Bulk SMS add-in for Excel

Toky Bulk SMS Add-in Excel

To use the plugin and be able to start your bulk SMS campaigns, follow these steps:

  • Configure the plugin, pressing the Toky API Key button and adding the API Key in the corresponding field. After pasting it, the component will inform you if it is valid and will load the SMS-enabled numbers available in your account.
Toky Bulk SMS Add-in Excel API Key
  • The Buy credit button will open a browser window with the Toky page where you can buy credit for your campaign.
Toky Bulk SMS Add-in Excel
  • In a blank sheet, press the Generate template button, which will create the basic fields where you can enter your campaign information
Toky Bulk SMS Add-in Excel template
  • The template has 3 basic columns, whose order can't be changed:
    • Phone number: Here you must enter the phone numbers to which the messages will be sent. Numbers must be in international format.
    • Message: Here you can enter the messages for each number. You can use formulas to customize them.
    • Result: When the process runs, here you will see if the sending process was successful or not.
Toky Bulk SMS Add-in Excel formulas
  • To start sending, click on the Send SMS button, select the number from which you want the message to be emitted, and click Start. If you have a long list of messages and you want to stop sending, you can press the Stop button at any time and the process will be suspended with the current number processed.
Toky Bulk SMS Add-in Excel SMS campaign
  • In the Result column you will see if the message was sent or not, and the error message. You will also see in the window a summary of the messages processed, sent successfully and failed to send.

You can have several sheets in the Excel file with different types of campaigns, distributing the messages as you require. It is important to know that, for security reasons, the component does not save the API Key so you will have to configure it every time you start Excel and before sending any SMS campaign.

If you are interested in SMS, you can also find out more about WhatsApp Business and how to use it with Toky, enhancing your support and sales channels. Try Toky for free!

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