Some daily challenges and solutions for call center agents

Your call center agents are responsible for being the voice of your business ifor your customers. They must face different challenges on a daily basis, related both to the execution of their tasks, and to the communication process. We want to mention some daily challenges and how they can be solved, to avoid problems that affect not only the performance of your team but also the work environment.

  • Not having enough information to answer your customers' inquiries: This problem usually appears when a customer asks something that the agent does not know off the top of his head because it is something rare or new. At this time you must ensure that your entire team has the necessary documentation at hand to respond: the information offered must be easily accessible, up-to-date, and well classified so that it makes it easy to find, with clear and free wording as much as possible with no technicalities that make it easier for the agent to respond to your clients appropriately. At Toky, for example, we have a Help Center that we keep updated with frequently asked questions and solutions to common problems that may arise. We also have available more technical information that can be used to help diagnose problems and generate solutions.
  • Difficulty earning customer trust: Each client comes with prior experience at other customer service centers that sometimes impacts the way your agents are perceived. Some customers may constantly doubt that their problem will be solved for which their agents must have the adequate knowledge to give a concrete answer to the clients, in addition to having a support network available when the problem must be solved at another level. In general, you should try to give a solution to the customer's problem, hopefully in the same call; this is the best way to gain their trust. In the event that it is not possible to close the case, the agent must have an adequate process to indicate to the customer that their problem is going to be reviewed, and that they will be notified. At Toky, it is useful for us to have priority communication channels between the customer service team and the technical team, which is handled as a priority.
  • Handling calls with aggressive clients: This is a common challenge since some clients may have problems that are manifested in negative behavior, which in addition to requiring patience and professionalism from the agent in order not to respond aggressively, demands from the team the ability to act together to defuse the situation and solve the problem. In these cases it can be useful to use the call monitoring and whisper function, with which an experienced agent can listen to the conflict live and guide the person who is answering it without the client listening. This, in addition to helping resolve the situation, prevents the agent from feeling alone and assuming the situation personally.

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