Take your business closer to your customers, and get more sales

There are many benefits in taking your business to where your customers are. When you use local numbers to call them, you have a better chance of getting a response, as well as offering a point of contact where you can receive calls with your customers, paying local prices per minute.

Toky offers several features that will allow you to be closer to your customers, helping your business be local, no matter where your main offices are.

Local business numbers to improve your response rate

With Toky, you can buy phone numbers in different countries and cities around the world that can be used both as a caller ID for outbound calls, and a point of contact where your customers can call at a local rate. You can buy landlines or toll-free numbers depending on your needs. Using these local numbers increases the probability of having calls answered, and the trust of your customers as they feel your company is closer to their location.

Buy phone number in several countries

IVR in multiple languages

With the multilevel IVR functionality, you can create telephone menus in different languages ​​that can be used to serve your customers in each country, and correctly guide them to the agent that can meet their needs.

Toky multi level IVR

Call widget to receive calls from your website

The call widget will allow clients to make calls to your call center directly from your website. You can configure and display a telephone menu according to the country or language you require, and connect it to the most appropriate group of agents to answer those calls.

Toky click to call button widget

Agents in different time zones

Toky's virtual phone system allows your business to have agents in different countries and time zones, which helps to offer customer service according to the time zones of each of your customers. Toky will connect the agents that are active in the corresponding time zone, taking into account the working hours of each one.

Call center agents timezones

Toky's virtual phone system has different features, designed to improve communication with your customers and team to streamline sales and support processes. Try Toky for free!

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