Take your call center anywhere and stop losing customers

A cloud phone system operates entirely on the Internet, which makes it independent of traditional telephony devices or networks, that way you can receive calls from your customers any place you have an internet connection. VoIP technology allows a virtual phone number to receive calls just like a landline or mobile number but is also not limited to being answered from a telephone. You can answer calls from computers or mobile applications allowing you to literally run you your call center from anywhere, without the risk of losing calls and customers.

There are many ways you can take advantage of the mobile apps of your call center, so you can leave your office without ending up with missed calls or a big voicemail list:

  • Your business takes place outside of your office: This case applies for cases such as real estate agents who must go out to show properties, salespeople visiting customers or consultants who are providing services in their clients’ locations.
  • Your business does not require an office: Some companies choose not to rent an office as they do not need it for their operations, for example, businesses with remote teams, software companies, marketing agencies, startups that operate from a coworking space or even some online stores.
  • You need to do some errands: Sometimes you need to go to the bank, go out to lunch or buy something for your business and you have to leave your office.
  • You need to support your call center team when you are out: You may have a team serving calls, but your agents could need to scale a customer’s case; virtual phone systems allow your team to transfer calls to your smartphone, as if you were at the office.
  • You need to serve customers outside of your working hours: If you offer support outside office hours, you probably won't be in your office; Instead, you can forward important customer calls to your virtual number at any time, and you will receive the call in the app on your mobile phone.

Those who do not make use of the mobility provided by virtual phone systems, often must return to their office to return the calls they missed, Since many customer calls are of an urgent nature, it may be too late to close a new deal or answer a pressing question, resulting in lost leads or frustrated customers.

Alternatives to receiving calls from your business on your mobile device using Toky

To be able to receive calls from your smartphone or tablet you have the following options:

  • Install a Toky’s mobile apps for Android or iOS, which will connect you directly to the phone system, and you will be active for your customers and your team, just as if you were at your office desktop. You can make and receive calls and text messages if you have the service enabled.
  • Enable call forwarding to your mobile number, so that when a customer calls, you will answer like a regular call, and you can even enable the customer's phone number to appear on your phone's screen.

How to take your call center in your pocket

Toky apps can be used not only for smartphones but also for iPads and tablets. These apps provide you with the following features:

  • Receive calls made to your virtual phone numbers or from customers who use the click to call button on your website.
  • Make international calls by selecting the outbound phone number you want your customer to see.
  • Send and receive SMS messages if you have numbers enabled with this service.
  • Speak directly with other agents.
  • Transfer calls in progress to other agents to improve your customer service.
  • Put calls on hold or mute the microphone.
  • Listen to the voice messages left by your customers on the Toky platform.
  • Report call quality to speed up the support. When you report a problem, our customer service team can begin to work on the solution.
  • Enable or disable recording for outbound calls.
  • Enable or disable call forwarding to your mobile phone number.
  • Set up your Toky profile and change your photo, name, phone number.
  • Use external Bluetooth devices to improve the sound of your calls
  • In our Android app, you can configure Toky as a call provider, so when you click on a phone number on a website or email, you can make the call from Toky. This option is handy when you use a CRM on your device and want to call customers or if you are looking for new leads and want to start a cold call from a website.
  • All calls made and received will be logged in your CRM or business applications if you have integrations enabled in Toky.

As you can see, there are many features of the Toky app for Android and iOS, which will allow you to provide excellent customer service on the go. Download Toky apps to your device and start taking your call center everywhere.

If you still do not know Toky, I invite you to discover how our virtual phone system can help you provide better customer service and boost your sales. Try Toky for free!

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