Teamwork as a basic skill in your call center agents

Your call center team has great responsibility as they are directly in contact with your customers, clarifying their doubts, providing support, or assisting them in their purchases. Although there are individual characteristics that increase great value and effectiveness in an agent (organization, communication skills, patience, and initiative), it's their ability to work in a team that is crucial for your call center team to function as a single entity. This team must be able to serve your clients reliably, coherently and in a coordinated manner.

Agents who have good teamwork skills will be able to improve your call center collaboration in different ways:

  • They will better document their contacts with customers, complementing the phone system and CRM integrations with notes and tags that may be useful for the other agents who must serve the customer.
  • They will be aware of the team's needs to adequately support them, being available to receive customers’ calls transfers or a private call from another agent who has questions about any of their activities.
  • They will understand that business goals are achieved as a team, so they will not be afraid to rely on other agents to adequately serve a customer, avoiding bad service by not requesting collaboration.
  • Teamwork improves the attitude of your agents knowing that they can always rely on their colleagues, which increases the productivity and motivation of your call center members.
  • A new agent with good teamwork skills who connects with a culture that encourages collaborative work will learn easier and reach an adequate level of productivity in less time than one who does not integrate easily.
  • They will be more oriented to sharing knowledge and experiences, facilitating the collective learning of your work team. It is very common that they can even share better ways of working and using the phone system features, CRM and other business applications, which increases team’s productivity.
  • It will improve the distribution of call load since it will focus on providing efficient attention to be available for the next incoming call distributed by your telephone system.

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  • When your agents understand the value of the team, conflict resolution becomes easier, helping to maintain a proper work environment.

A collaboration and teamwork culture is built and maintained with agents and collaborators who understand the value of sharing joint goals, and work together so that they can provide better customer service. This will keep your agents in a positive attitude that will help boost your sales.

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