Text messaging as a sales and support tool

Although calls are a primary resource in communicating with your clients, text messages either by SMS or WhatsApp Business have become a valuable resource to keep in touch with your clients, now that many clients currently have access to smartphones and the internet.

There are various cases in which text messages can be beneficial to communication with your clients in a constant and timely manner. Among these cases in which you can use text messages are:

Uses of SMS in businesses

  • You can send SMS text messages to your customers to notify them of important things like order status, acceptance or rejection of a request, or inform them of an offer.
  • You can send discount coupons to boost the sales of any of your products or services. Even by sending a direct link, you can improve the conversion, as long as your store is properly optimized for purchases from mobile devices.
  • Use text messages to send customers reminders of appointments, payment dates, or due dates of any kind.
  • You can send a text message after finishing a call or sale, with a link for the customer to evaluate your service.
  • On cloud platforms like Toky, you can use an API to integrate the sending of text messages to your applications to inform the customer in a timely manner throughout their purchase process, from the creation of the order to the notification of a shipment automatically.
send SMS text messages

You can use the following Toky tools to run SMS campaigns and send massively: Toky Bulk SMS Sender Addon for Google Sheets, or Toky Bulk SMS Add-in, to send messages using Excel

Uses of WhatsApp Business

  • Offer one or more WhatsApp Business contact numbers so your customers can easily contact your business when they can't talk.
  • WhatsApp Business allows you to have more direct conversations with your clients as well as facilitating the sharing of information, images, audios and links.
  • Using different files and formats supported by WhatsApp Business, you will be able to better guide your customers during their purchase process or send guides and tutorials to solve problems.
  • A contact by WhatsApp Business offers a verified phone number of your client that can be used for other marketing campaigns using SMS or calls.
WhatsApp Business webapp

It is important to keep in mind that you must have the approval of your customers to send SMS to avoid impacting their relationship. In addition to this, keep in mind that the use of these resources is better when your virtual telephony platform allows both SMS messages or WhatsApp Business to be used by your agents simultaneously.,

In just a few weeks you can have your WhatsApp Business account with Toky, and start reaching millions of potential customers who use this messaging tool on a daily basis. Try Toky for free!

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