The sublime art of being a customer success for a SaaS Startup

Working on a startup is very distinct from what you may recognize as a work routine. It means doing something totally different from the usual. In this emerging system of work, you can find knowledge, and you have to be willing to face all the challenges that appear.


Some customer success tips you could follow👇

The main goal in a Customer Success Team is to keep the customers happy. Do a good account management, reduce churn and bring more new SaaS customers. Here are some tips you can find useful (cause we do).

Know about your product

Your product is good. It may be easy to say, but prove it!

For this reason, on-boarding is important from the first time the customer is interested in product or service. Provide them with the right tools and advise them. Is the most appropriate action during their first impressions. That is why you need to know about the industry and learn to use the common technical language, but also talk to the customer in understandable terms. In this period look for the customer to ask all the possible questions, and this is a really important on your company’s learning.

You don’t want the product to be complicated, but understandable, and if the case, easy to set up. The customers will always want to learn more or even try the product before paying for it. Give them time to use the platform.

Making the customer learn about your product or service is the first step to connect with them. Which is what we are selling. in fact, that represents what we sell. Toky, is not just virtual phone system designed to improve communication with customers, but also an opportunity to be more practical when you need to solve your client’s issues.

Learn to sell

The environment requires you to be a good seller. Your intelligence to sell is what will make the customer recognize the quality of the product, so you must find your balance. Know your strengths and use them in your sales process. Learn from your mistakes. Be aware of the following: We all buy to be able to reduce the fear of something or to satisfy our needs. Your customer wants to know what problems your product can solve, and it depends on you to be able to explain it.

Learn about your customer

Toky is a SaaS. So, learning about the use your customers give to the platform is very important. Customers come to you with different needs that your product can satisfy. Try to identify patterns and analyze their behaviors. After all, you will realize that they can follow the same pattern and behavior. Listen, listen, and listen to your client. In this way, you will know what they are looking for, and what you can offer to them.

In our case, we sell them the opportunity to have a Cloud Based Telephony Platform that makes it easier to establish relationships with customers and being more practical when solving issues. As mentioned in the upper paragraph. ☝️

What you sell is the value of your product, and how it fits into your customer needs.

Do not take it personally

There are always customers who may have had a bad day. We all have bad days and this should not affect the team. It doesn’t really matter that much.

There are several kinds of people in the world and not all of them are willing to spend time learning about your product in the most pleasant way. So you have to control your emotions and act as a psychologist of your product. The client may not listen to the solutions you propose (you always have to try to summarise all the solutions in a single line, being really clear), that doesn’t mean you are wrong, so don’t act in the same way.

Stay calm and be the proof of the good care you represent in the company, even when the customer is not close to polite.

Sounds easy... right?

Sharing this experiences with the team can help you to better handle these situations. This can’t impact negatively on you. Try to handle good and difficult moments professionally and understand that the problem is not with the product, neither against you. Just take these misunderstandings calmly and look for a solution. The problems will soon become small and unimportant. This does not have to affect your performance, the threat you have with other clients or your team.

Optimize your workflow

In order to have control of the work, you have to be quite organized. Use the tools correctly to automate the work. We use integrations with CRMs available with our virtual phone system, and I recommend you to use the tools you have. Choose wisely.

Try to take shortcuts and try to be productive, but never stop doing a good job. This way you can reach your maximum performance. Measure the strategies you are using for sales and change them if they don’t have a positive result.

Having a schedule can help you with your sales process. So keep an eye on the assigned tasks and you achieve the pending task, try to put deadlines.

If not losing clients depends on something, it is on making a good follow up from the beginning. Remember to follow up your clients. So they can get used to your product or service. Avoid trying to sell them all the time something they do not know yet. In this starting period, we must contact customers and build a relationship with them. By knowing them and knowing what they do, the company wins customers, and we fulfill our work.

We must always be honest with the customer.

Nothing can get a customer more upset that not completing an agreement. Some things can get out of hand. There is no justification for that. That’s why you should always have a plan B for all kind of events that may occur. Keeping the client informed about all the processes and possible drawbacks we might encounter could be useful for understanding all possible outcomes. If you establish an honest and clear communication with your customers you are building an environment of confidence. Your customer learns that you are working to solve their problems and that they can count on your team.

These are some tips that could be helpful when dealing with your customers, thinking strategies to be more productive and keeping a record of the possible breakthrough you’ve had. If a strategy you are using doesn’t give you results try another one. We must try to learn every day.

This is the learning of a Toky's Customer Success.

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