Tips for having a great call center with 24/7 worldwide service

When you have a business with customers all over the world, defining a strategy to offer excellent customer service is vital. Creating a call center that can serve customers with different languages and time zones is a must for many types of businesses, whether B2B or B2C. Toky, as a business phone system, it is critical to allow our customers to contact us when they need it and for that, we want to share some tips that you can apply to your business and that we have learned in our growth as a company.

  • Use remote teams to serve different time zones: If your business is local, you can have a good base of agents to serve customers in your country. When you cover different time zones, instead of defining shifts for a 24-hour operation, it is more convenient to take advantage of the virtual phone systems to have agents in other countries with similar time zones of your customers so that they can answer calls in his daytime.

    With Toky, you can offer your customers a call center that serves clients from all over the world, even if your team is distributed in several locations. Learn more about Toky for remote teams!

  • Always offer a support alternative in English: If you have customers around the world you must provide support in their primary languages, but it is not possible to integrate agents who speak all the languages, so English is always one of the safest options to ensure communication with your customers.

  • Build a knowledge base and keep it updated: To improve your customer service processes, it is essential to have a knowledge base with articles that cover different aspects of your product or service. These articles will not only help your customers to solve common problems and doubts on their own, but they will also help your agents in its support process by allowing them to remember common solutions or sharing articles with your customers when need it. At Toky we have our help center and we have our team adding and updating content constantly.

  • Define a channel for requests for improvements: The best source of ideas to improve your product or service will be your customers. It is important to define a way in which your agents can send and collect the feature requests of your customers, so they can help to evolve your product. At Toky, our customers share their needs, problems, and ideas with our agents, and they communicate them immediately. Our team evaluates every request and prioritize them to add it to the road map.

  • Define a continuous channel of communication with your agents to detect massive problems: Your agents must have the necessary information to recognize serious issues that may affect other users; when something happens they can be able to report it directly to the technical team so that they can evaluate and respond to critical incidents quickly avoiding significant impacts.

We use Slack integrated with Toky to maintain constant communication between our team and also to have information on inbound calls and voicemails.

  • Provide local phone numbers for your customers: Thanks to virtual phone service, you can offer your customers local or toll-free numbers in their countries and receive calls in one virtual call center where your agents can serve customers from anywhere in the world. A local number gives your customers the feeling of closeness to your company since a phone contact will always be more personal than the other media.

  • Offers chat channels and calls from your customers: The combination of chat with phone calls is very useful to maintain contact with your customers. At Toky, we use our integration with Intercom to serve our customers better, and of course, we use Toky for handling all of inbound and outbound phone calls.

  • Defines a flexible call center structure: Not all seasons of the year are the same for your business; depending on the time of the year, you can face a lot of sales opportunities, so it is vital that you have a way to increase the capacity of your call center. Adding agents and removing them when you need it is very helpful for this purpose.

  • Always have someone with technical support helping your call center agents: You should always ensure that there is someone to whom your call center agents can escalate the requests they cannot attend with their knowledge and available documentation. Having some specialist supporting your agents is vital to prevent some problems from getting out of control impacting your customers more.

We have many customers operating their business call centers with Toky and improving their communication with customers. If you have not tried Toky, create your free trial account!

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