Tips to improve collaboration in your call center

A collaborative culture will help your team of agents increase their productivity and reduce stress. Your call center will work much better when your entire team understands that they can count on each other, and this goes beyond motivational talks and pleasant environments; it implies defining activities that make it easier for everyone to have efficient access to information and tools, and everyone understanding their role and importance in achieving efficiency.

We share some ideas that can help you streamline processes with the contribution of all your agents in their daily tasks.

  • Define a common language: It is important that all members of your team can speak in the same terms; this implies making sure that everyone correctly understands your product or service, not only so that they can help your customers, but so that they can also communicate the information correctly and efficiently.
  • Promote documentation and define standards: When you already have a common language, you can define guidelines for your agents to properly document calls and take advantage of features included in Toky such as notes and tags, to classify and add comments after talking with customers, that may be used by other agents in subsequent contacts.
  • Define a suitable structure in your team: Make sure you know well your agents' skills and create groups according to your customer service workflow. You can configure the ring strategies and your IVR to speed up call distribution and enable your agents to answer calls according to their abilities, allowing them to know who has similar knowledge and can support them with questions.
  • Use call monitoring to help your agents: Besides helping you listen to agents' conversations to evaluate your customer service quality, call monitoring has whisper functionality that allows you to speak privately to the agent without the customer listening; this feature is very important for supporting difficult customer call, or providing relevant information that agents can use in their conversation.
  • Help your agents learn how to use your call center software properly: It's very important that your agents learn about your call center software so that they can take advantage of not only normal call and messaging tools, but also those features that help them to collaborate better, such as calls between agents, call transfer, integrations and more.

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A collaborative culture, supported by the proper use of essential tools, will facilitate your business to offer better service. Moreover, your team will operate in an integrated and consistent manner, whether they are working remotely or in an office.

Toky provides integrations with CRM and business applications that will help your team productivity, reducing manual tasks and speeding up the making of calls. Try Toky for free!

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