With Toky Chats, use WhatsApp Business from your mobile device

When you enable WhatsApp Business with Toky, you can respond to customer messages from various numbers using all the agents available in your call center. Unlike the WhatsApp Business app that works on a single device, with Toky, all your agents can attend customers’ conversations simultaneously from our web app. You can also now do this from your mobile device with Toky Chats for Android.

This new app will help you track chats for all the numbers activated in WhatsApp within Toky, enabling you to chat with your customers from wherever you are.

Download Toky Chats from Google Play. You must have WhatsApp Business enabled in Toky.

Toky chats WhatsApp Business API

With Toky Chats, you can also send images, files, photos and emojis to offer your customers complete responses. You can also select which numbers you want to be most notified about to receive and reply to messages.

Toky chats WhatsApp Business Numbers

Easily configure times you want to receive notifications on the weekdays and weekends, and Toky chats will let you know about new messages only at times when you can serve your customers properly.

Toky chats WhatsApp Business Working Hours

Toky Chats will help you to get more out of your WhatsApp Business account so that you're never unavailable to your customers, thus losing sales opportunities.

Download the Toky app on your device and have your call center with you always, for making and receiving calls, sending SMS, and so much more. Try Toky for free!

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