Use Toky with ease to send direct messages to customers

Instant messaging is an effective resource to keep a direct contact with your customers. With Toky, besides our voice call features, you'll find tools that will help you easily integrate WhatsApp Business and SMS into your sales and support processes.

Using WhatsApp Business

You can easily use WhatsApp with your business, after a validation process in which you'll have complete support from the Toky team. Once WhatsApp is enabled, you'll not only be able to reply to customers’ conversations, but also improve your team’s efficiency and collaboration. All your agents will be able to collaboratively answer your customers' questions, and if you enable several numbers with WhatsApp, your agents will use them from the same Toky interface.

WhatsApp Business webapp

In addition to being able to use WhatsApp from our web app, you can also install Toky chats for Android, and your agents can answer your customer's conversations from their mobile devices.

Toky chats WhatsApp Business API

Download Toky Chats from Google Play. You must have an active WhatsApp Business subscription with Toky.

To further improve your processes, when you enable an integration with Toky, WhatsApp conversations can be automatically logged in Salesforce, Hubspot CRM, and Slack, just like inbound and outbound call events.

Sending and receiving SMS messages

SMS is another very powerful instant messaging resource with great reach, since it doesn't rely on an internet connection and can be received on any mobile phone. After enabling a phone number with SMS support in Toky, you can start sending text messages to any mobile phone in the world.

SMS reception is enabled only in some countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Germany, Denmark and Australia. You can check with our support team in case you require other countries.

send SMS text messages

In Canada and the US you can receive videos, images and audio files through MMS.

You can use your SMS service directly from our web application, or our apps for desktop or mobile devices. SMS messages are automatically registered with the CRM and business applications connected with Toky, as well as integrations like the ones we have available with Intercom, Front or Zendesk that allow you to respond to SMS messages without leaving the application.

Other ways to use SMS in your business

You can use the following tools to run SMS campaigns and send SMS massively:

To make custom integrations with your processes and applications, you can use our developer API or the Zapier integration.

Toky's virtual phone system will help you improve your sales and customer service processes, thanks to its call center features and its ability to integrate with CRM software and other business tools. Try Toky for free!

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