Toky integrations and the benefits of connecting your product

When you create a product, you work on your customer segment and in fulfilling your value proposition, but sometimes when you focus so much on what you want to offer, you close your product and this can be a great disadvantage. At Toky, we started offering our service with the idea of providing startups and small businesses with quality telephony without complexities or high costs. Then we started seeing that our clients had new needs which they fulfilled with other technological tools; at that time we also started to analyze the market, and we saw that integrating Toky with other solutions could be a great opportunity to improve the value our product could give our customers and it could generate new business opportunities.

How to choose the tools what to integrate with?

It is important to choose carefully the tools to integrate your product; it is not always good to look for the trending ones expecting to gain some visibility since if the integration does not generate value, customers will not use it and you will lose valuable hours of work. You must bear in mind the needs of your customers and how you can help them meet their goals with the combination of other solutions.
Your customers and your team are good source ideas. At Toky, being a communication platform, we decided to integrate with CRM's and with other tools that improve the collaboration with the team and the contact with customers.

Proper selection of integrations can improve the value proposition of your product but also generate new market opportunities.

Integration with CRMs

After listening to several of our clients and doing som market analysis we started by integrating with Zoho CRM, Hubspot CRM, Insightly, amoCRM, AgileCRM, FreshSales and Pipedrive. Our goal is to enhance the use of tools combined with Toky, so we added in a first stage, basic functionalities as:

  • Calls with a click on the CRM: We help businesses to call to their customers with a click on their CRM using our Click to Call Google Chrome Extension
  • Automatic calls log: We facilitate the track of incoming and outgoing calls, missed calls and even access to voice mails left by customers right in the CRM.
  • Contact integration: When connecting to the CRM, we synchronize the customers with Toky contacts by improving the caller identification. We continue to listen to customers and the market and we have in progress integrations with Infusionsoft and Bitrix

Integration with Slack

The Slack integration, goes beyond being a trending app. At Toky, we used this collaboration platform and found important to have missed, served, and voicemail notifications so that the entire team can be aware of customer contacts.
Slack integration

What we learned

If we had focused only on Toky without thinking about other tools our customers use, perhaps we would have affected our product and our market. Customers need their tools to be integrated to improve their productivity and make the most of them. Unless you want to turn your product into a great mass of integrated solutions, it is important that you start exploring the market looking for possible opportunities for collaboration, this will improve your value proposition also to increase your opportunities to sell your product.

Another interesting opportunity is that if you follow the guidelines of some tools you choose to be integrated with, you can be listed in their integration pages, which will give your product an additional visibility.

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