Check out these tools to close more deals with B2B sales calls

Your B2B business has a restricted market segment; your customers are not individuals, but companies. And for this, your lead capturing and sales processes must be very selective to improve their effectiveness.

While contacting small businesses may seem more straightforward, perhaps because of ease of contact with decision makers, you may waste time and money that you could invest in larger clients, which may represent more revenue.

In this post, we will share a process that can help you get more customers from your sales calls in the B2B market, and some tools you can use along the way:

1. Discover the right leads for your business

Not every website visitor or business contact that you may get is a potential customer. Finding the right leads start by fully understanding your value proposition and the needs that your product or service fulfills for your customers. To discover possible prospects, you can use the following tools:

  • Leadfeeder: This solution connects to your Google Analytics account and detects the companies that visit your website, tracks page views, and more.
  • Nerdydata: It allows you to find sites with a specific technology installed. For example, if your ideal customers use a certain CRM or have their website on a defined technology.
  • Hunter TechLookup: It will send an email with a list of possible leads filtered by technology, industry, and language.
  • PublicWWW: It is a source code search engine that shows you the sites that have specific code snippets installed.
  • SimilarTech: Another search engine that when selecting the required tool or technology will show you the sites that have it installed.

With these tools, you can validate if your prospects use free software or if they pay for it, or if they use any tech tools from your competitors.

2. Understand your prospects

After creating a list of potential customers, you should start investigating them to refine the list, defining if they fit the profile of your ideal buyers. For this, you can use Google to search for their website and any mention in the news. The site becomes the base for your analysis and it is where you can find out if that company has the characteristics you look for in an ideal customer. To help with this you can use the following tools:

  • SimilarWeb: It will help you determine the traffic volume of a website if they pay for online ads and other elements that can help you complete your client's profile.
  • Owler: It allows you to search for a company and obtain valuable information such as: who is the CEO, annual sales, and number of employees, among others.
  • LinkedIn: Search for information about the company, employees and publications.
  • BuildWith: This tool will help you find the technologies supported by the company’s website.

3. Control your marketing and sales workflow

You must have an adequate control of your sales process from first contact with each prospect until the deal is closed, and the best tool to achieve this is CRM software. With CRM, you can have centralized management of all the customers' data, as well as their journey through each phase of your process, including emails, phone calls and every contact they have with your team.

CRMs generate a shared knowledge base of every business opportunity, which helps your team work better, collaborate more, avoid repeated processes, or contacting your customers with the wrong information. We recommend you look at these CRMs. These solutions have integrations that will improve your business processes.

Toky has native integrations with all these CRMs, as well as other business applications; all of which can help you improve your sales processes, avoid manual logging of each call, and more. Learn more!

4. Use a business phone system optimized for sales calls

A phone call is a very important part of B2B sales, especially when you get to talk with someone who can make or influence purchase decisions. You must start calling customers with full knowledge of their company and how your value proposition fits their needs, business model and conditions. A virtual phone system like Toky is excellent because, in addition to allowing you to contact prospects anywhere in the world quickly, it provides integrations with CRMs and business applications that automatically log every call for you. With Toky, you can also take advantage of wide set of features such as:

  • Call recording: This saves you from having to take notes of every conversation you have, and focus on keeping it on track.
  • SMS: You can send a message to your customer with important reminders of your next call or appointment.
  • Virtual phone numbers:You can have your own local number in your customer’s country or city, this allows you to appear on their caller ID with a local number that can also be used by them to call you.
  • Contacts' synchronization: Toky will always identify your customer's calls and synchronize all events with the CRM you have integrated.
  • Fax to email: If your business requires the reception of documents by Fax, you can use this service to receive them in your email as PDF files.

Toky has many other features that will improve your sales and customer service processes. Learn more about them!

5. Sales process automation

It's essential to optimize the use of your resources, streamline your sales processes, and track your prospects efficiently. You can rely on multiple tools that will help you execute tasks automatically. Some of these tools are:

  • Zapier: It allows you to connect your favorite applications and create automatic processes with no lines of code. For example, you can use the Toky integration with Zapier to register call information in Google Sheets, send data to other applications, or send SMS.
  • MailChimp: This platform can help you generate email campaigns, so you can contact customers and leads for sending relevant information. You can also design automation processes on these campaigns. Therefore, Mailchimp will execute tasks such as follow-up emails when the recipients click on certain links, or depending on whether or not they opened the email.

This process can help you improve your B2B sales strategy and achieve your sales goals, optimize your operations, and enhance communication between your team and your customers or prospects.

Toky can help you improve communication with your customers, and also improve collaboration in your team.Try Toky for free!

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