Updates in our Android app

Our Android app has also received a fair amount of improvements in last days. This is a summary of what has been added.

Better formatting in our inbound calls from the telephone network

Apart from the usual contextual information, we now parse the number we receive to make it more legible and to also display the country to which it belongs.

Call transfer and device switching

Like in our Chrome Extension, you can now transfer calls to any member of your team, or if you prefer, you can also switch devices so you can move the calls from your app to the browser if you need to.

Better notifications

We added most of the existing notifications we have in the Dashboard and the Chrome Extension, to the app.

  • Calls you missed are now updated with the agent who answered it.

  • You receive a notification when the agent answers a call you transferred to him/her.

Enable/disable call forwarding right from within the app

Even though you can answer calls using a mobile Internet connection, sometimes the connection quality isn't the best. For these cases, you can enable forwarding calls to your personal phone number using solely the application.

If you are an Android user, make sure to download or update the app to enjoy of these new features that have just arrived!

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