Updates in our Chrome Extension

We have been working really hard to add new features to our app multi-platform Chrome extension and these are some of the updates that have just arrived.

A more detailed availability information

The usual online/offline is still there, but now we are also showing when the agent is offline but with call forwarding enabled, meaning that the call will be sent to whatever phone number the agent configured.

Also, you can now know instantly when an agent is on a call if you see an orange ball next to his/her name.

Switching between devices

What if you took a call on the browser, extension or Android app and you want to switch devices so you can transfer the call from the app to the browser, or from the browser to the app so you can walk out of your desk? Well, this is now possible and it lets you transfer an ongoing call to yourself 😎.

Transfer calls to any of your team members

Transfer any call you received to any of your available co-workers with one click. This one makes phone extensions look silly 😉.

Know exactly what's going on with awesome notifications

We will notify you about everything that is relevant in your phone system

  • Who's calling? From where? To where?

  • I missed a call, who took it?

  • Someone is waiting in the call queue.

  • I transferred a call to Augusto, did he answer it?

Go ahead and install the extension to enjoy the awesomeness of these new features 👌.

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