Use ActiveCampaign and Toky to improve your sales and customer service process

ActiveCampaign is an excellent tool for marketing automation processes that will help you not only to sell more but to improve the efficiency of your sales team with the multiple options that allow you to speed up repetitive tasks, manage your buyer's journey and many other options.

You can use our integration with Zapier to connect ActiveCampaign with Toky and perform different automations that combine the campaigns and your virtual phone system.

Synchronizing contacts between ActiveCampaign and Toky

To properly use these Zapier templates, you must have the ActiveCampaign contacts in the Toky directory. It is essential to keep in mind that this template only synchronizes contacts with valid email and phone number so that Toky can identify them.

Monitoring your campaigns

With the following templates, you can create zaps that will notify you by SMS when a deal is updated, or a customer clicks on an important sent campaign; this can help you take immediate action, such as calling your customer or sending a timely follow-up email.

Registering Toky events in ActiveCampaign

This zap will help you generate new deals based on calls from your customers or also keep in the history of each contact, the information of calls made or received from your customers. Also, if you have call recording enabled, the link in Toky will be added to the registered call event so you can listen to it with a click within ActiveCampaign

Besides the Zapier integration, you can connect Toky with many other applications and CRM to improve your sales, support and customer service processes. Try Toky for free!

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