Use inbound sales to boost your call center effectiveness

Many businesses carry out a traditional sales process in which leads are obtained, go through a basic filter, and are then delegated to a sales team for contacting. Agents contact prospects to start the sales conversation. This methodology called outbound sales may be good in some cases, but in others it can waste time and resources since very few leads end up becoming customers. To achieve more sales, you would have to greatly increase the number of your calls.

Why inbound sales?

The inbound sales methodology, on the other hand, requires a great integration between the marketing and sales team, as it's through marketing campaigns and the appearance of your product or service in various channels that any potential prospects can be contacted by your agents. With this method, the intention is that the potential client is the one who makes first contact, attracted by inbound marketing strategies. The marketing team then carries out an adequate profiling of the leads and will refer those with the best probability of becoming customers to your sales team.

Call center agents will increase the effectiveness of their calls, since they will be contacting potential clients who meet the characteristics of the ideal client for your product or service. However, your marketing team must work properly on the acquisition channels to maintain an adequate flow of prospects. Your agents will then be able to contact your potential clients using different means. If you have cloud phone system like Toky, you can use calls or SMS or even rely on power dialer and voicemail drop to make more calls in less time.

Connecting leads with your call center

For direct contact by your potential prospects, you can enable Toky's live call widget so that visitors to your website or blog can call your call center directly, or you can offer a WhatsApp number to assist them from WhatsApp Business. The potential customers who start the conversation from your website may be more likely to convert, than those who contact directly without really knowing about your product or service.

In a few weeks you can have your WhatsApp Business account with Toky and start reaching millions of potential customers who use this messaging tool on a daily basis. Try Toky for free!

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