Use SMS templates to easily get more customers and sales

SMS messages are a direct communication channel with customers and you should use them to your advantage, as they don’t rely on internet connection or the latest model of cell phones. SMS have a very high open rate, and when you get your customers to sign up voluntarily to receive messages, their effectiveness in generating sales can be quite high.

To get more out of your SMS marketing campaigns, we want to share some ideas to improve your sales opportunities with Toky.

Templates with the Toky Bulk SMS Sender

The Bulk SMS Sender is a Google Sheets add-on that allows you to send text messages massively using Toky. This tool also allows you to use templates so you can personalize the messages, achieving even greater efficiency in your campaigns.

To learn how to install and use the Bulk SMS Server for Google Sheets, you can visit this article from our help center.

To learn how to use the templates, follow the steps explained in the following video.

You can easily create templates with custom fields that will change according to the data of each destination number.

Bulk SMS marketing templates

Types of SMS templates

There are different types of messages that you can send to your customer, depending on the situation. Although we always aim for a conversion like a sale, visit or a payment, messages also serve to keep your business on your customers’ minds. Here, we'll share some types of messages that you can use, and example templates.

Modify these templates according to your needs and add the variables enclosed in braces {variable} as columns in your Google Sheet and add the corresponding data.

Informational messages

These are messages used to inform your customers about important situations such as special business hours, closing days, events, and more. Here are some examples and ideas you can use:

  • Hello {name}, at YourStore we want you to be healthy and safe, and that is why we are ensuring compliance with biosecurity regulations. Visit us whenever, we have new incoming products every week.
  • Hello {name}, in YourStore we will be waiting for you next Saturday in a special schedule from 7 am to 7 pm. We have great offers and discounts.
  • {name} our platform will be in maintenance on {date}, so you will not be able to use our services between {time}. Sorry for any inconveniences.


These are messages aimed at preventing the customer from forgetting important dates such as events, appointments or due dates.

  • Hello {name}, we remind you that your {service} insurance expires next {date}. Don't forget to renew it so you don't lose coverage.
  • {name}, you have a confirmed appointment with Dr. {doctor_name} on {date}, at {time}. Please call {phone} if you need to cancel or reschedule.
  • Hello {name}, next {date} we will have our special discount/sale, visit any of our stores!

Promotional messages

They are messages that directly want to generate a sale, if you have an online business it is recommended to include a link where the customer can go to buy.

  • Hello {name}, you are a special customer to us, so we offer you a {discount}% discount on your purchases made before {date}
  • {name} get a {discount}% discount using the code {code} buying in our online store. Visit us {link}
  • {name} on {date} we will have a 2x1 promotion on our spa services. Invite someone special to a relaxing experience in our locations {stores}

Suggested sales messages

These are messages that take into account the previous customer purchases, special dates or preferences, to suggest new ones with a discount.

  • Hello {name}, thank you for your last purchase of {product}, we offer you a {discount}% on the shoes you want. Valid until {date}.
  • Christmas is coming {name}, we offer you a {discount}% on {product} so you can surprise those special people with a wonderful gift.
  • We know you like our dishes {name}, enjoy our happy hour next {date} and share with whoever you want with a {discount}% discount.

Customer reactivation messages

These are messages used to reactivate customers who have not made recent purchases in some time and try to reconnect them with your business.

  • Hi {name}, at YourRestaurant we miss you. We have new dishes for you and we offer you a {discount}% discount to try them.
  • At OnlineStore we have a new collection that we know will look great on you {name}, visit us again at {link} and apply the coupon {code} for a special discount.

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