Use Toky bulk SMS sender to create a marketing campaign from Google Sheets

SMS Marketing campaigns are a very effective resource because all the people who have a mobile phone number can receive SMS text messages without needing installed applications. In fact, there are studies that mention that business messaging is accepted by a large number of users and, there is a high reading rate in the first 3 minutes.

What can you do with bulk SMS sending?

Bulk SMS campaigns can be used for different purposes, you can use text messaging to generate new sales from current customers and reach new ones by gathering contacts from a landing page or website. These are some examples in which you can use bulk SMS messages in your business:

  • Send messages about special offers, some may be for specific dates or loyalty coupons.
  • Notifications of important changes or modifications to your product or service.
  • Reminders of payment dates, for example, real estate business can use this kind of notifications.
  • Invitations to special events made by your company.

It is important that you bear in mind that you must have the approval of your recipients to send bulk SMS to avoid SPAM problems.

What is Toky Bulk SMS sender Add-on para Google Sheets?

With Toky you have an easy to use SMS solution to send text messages online to many countries in the world easily. By just buying an SMS enabled phone number and having the proper approval of your recipients, you can start sending messages or bulk SMS campaigns in minutes, using our web app or our SMS API.

To make your marketing campaigns more productive and avoid sending SMS one by one, you can use the Toky bulk SMS sender. This add-on for Google Sheets will allow you to send text messages to mobile phone numbers around the world at an excellent price per message and also, using simple spreadsheet formulas, you can personalize the SMS online to boost conversions in your mobile marketing strategy.

The personalization of SMS messages with the name of your contact or specific data can increase the sales probability and it's a powerful tool when making bulk messaging.

How to do SMS marketing campaigns with Toky

First, you must install the add-on clicking on Toky bulk SMS sender or just look for it from the Get Add-ons option in your Google Sheet. After installing the add-on, you can see in the following video, how you can easily send bulk SMS messages to your customers or leads, customizing the message in a simple way, using Google Sheets and creating an easy to use SMS campaigns.

If you have enabled apps or CRM integrations with Toky, the messages sent are automatically logged to the tools connected to our virtual phone system.

With Toky, you can do much more to improve your communication with your customers. Besides our SMS solution, Learn about our great features!

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