Why you should use voicemail drop in your call center

One common situation that most call center agents face in their day to day is leaving a voicemail message. Sometimes your clients just do not answer calls, and the best option is to leave them a voicemail, which will end up being heard in the vast majority of cases; however, leaving a message takes time, even if you follow a script, valuable seconds are lost. Specially for agents that must meet a daily call goal.

Voicemail drop is a feature provided by a virtual phone system that allows you to leave pre-recorded messages in your customers' voicemail with the click of a button. The telephony system will automatically be in charge of playing the message and hanging up, leaving you free to make more calls.

Benefits of voicemail drop

  • Increase the productivity of your call center, your agents will no longer waste time leaving messages in customers’ voicemail since they only have to drop the pre-recorded audio message and move on to the next call.
  • A more professional look for your business, use high-quality messages, recorded without errors, and avoid reading or pronunciation problems, or incomplete information.
  • Design standard processes by creating pre-recorded messages your agents can drop according to specific situations, and consistently between calls.
  • You can have more than one pre-recorded message available to use depending on each situation.
  • You can personalize your messages by speaking at the start of the recording and dropping the message after, letting the phone system complete the process. For instance, greet the customer by their name and then drop the prerecorded message.

To learn how to use the voicemail drop feature with Toky, please read this article.

Tips to make better use of voicemail drop

  • Create standard audios that your agents can use for the most common situations. This will give consistency to the messages, it will also give confidence in the information you’re giving.
  • Use neutral greetings that can apply to any time of the day, since you do not know at what time your customer will listen to the message.
  • If every agent wants to record their own messages, try to provide a call script, or provide basic guidelines about the data that should be included in each message.
  • Use clear filenames to identify your audios in your phone system, so you can easily select the right one when executing the drop.
  • Use local phone numbers when calling, to make it easier for your customer to return the call.
  • Make sure the voicemail is recording before leaving the pre-recorded message; this way you will avoid incomplete audios that, besides giving a bad image, end up being incomplete.

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