Use your virtual phone system from Google Sheets

Google Sheets is an excellent spreadsheet that you can use to perform multiple activities, from basic analysis and report generation, to complete analysis and classification of information.

With Toky, you'll be able to give new uses to your Google Sheets, using our add-ons to integrate your virtual phone system to make calls, send bulk SMS campaigns, or get information about your call center and create your own reports.

Use Toky Dialpad for your cold call campaigns

Toky Dialpad is an add-on that will allow you to make calls to customers or leads by selecting a cell containing a phone number in international format. Click on the dialer to load it and make the call.

Click to call from Google Sheets

With this add-on you can make cold call campaigns, leaving notes after each call. You can even use Google Forms to create a lead capture form, where customers can leave you their phone number and any other required information, then use Toky to easily make the calls.

Learn how to use the Toky Dialpad add-on by following the steps in this article.

Create SMS campaigns with Toky Bulk SMS Sender Add-on

Use Toky Bulk SMS Sender to send messages and contact customers or leads using personalized messages, with full control of the message being sent or not. SMS is a very effective resource that can help your business communicate important information in a simple and immediate way.

Bulk SMS sender send SMS from Google Sheets

Use the templates function to create your own texts and use variables to easily personalize the messages of each contact, to increase its effectiveness.

Bulk SMS templates custom SMS marketing

You can use bulk SMS for marketing campaigns, promotions, appointment reminders or even to notify your customers of their payment due dates.

Learn how to use SMS marketing with Toky Bulk SMS Sender by following the steps in this article.

Generate reports and custom analysis of your call center data with Toky Data Importer

With the Toky Data Importer you'll be able to import Toky information to your Google Sheets, so you can carry out your own analysis using information from calls, agents, contacts and SMS.

Toky chats WhatsApp Business API

With the extracted information you can create your own call center indicators, or perform information analysis using pivot tables, charts or whatever you may need to better manage your agents’ teams.

Learn how to use the Toky Data Importer with this article.

These tools will help you improve your workflows using Google Sheets and Toky in a single process.

Besides these tools for Google Sheets, Toky has integrations with CRM and business applications that help you improve your team’s productivity and boost your call center processes. Try Toky for free!

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