Use your virtual voicemail service as a phone line for feedback and complaints

Constant feedback from customers is essential for many businesses, but especially those that are B2C and have customer service centers, require more practical ways for allowing their customers to leave comments and feedback about their experience. Department stores, restaurants, stores and, in general, those businesses that offer products and services personally to their consumers, must provide practical alternatives for reporting complaints, claims or customer feedback in general; This is even required by law in some countries.

The use of an exclusive phone line where customers can call for free to leave their comments, is a very effective solution and in many cases does not require human attention, since sometimes it just takes a phone line where your customers call, they are received by welcome greeting that explains how to leave the message before they are sent to voicemail. Routinely one of your agents check the audios and creates tickets in a helpdesk software or proceeds to notify the respective department where they are responsible for handling the claim or comment from the customer.

Staring one of these phone lines with a 24/7 service enabled to receive customers voicemails and notify your team, is very easy using Toky. With Toky, you can buy virtual phone numbers in more than 60 countries so you can offer your customers local or even toll-free numbers where they can communicate to leave their complaints, claims or feedback.

When you receive a voicemail in Toky, you can receive notifications in your email, and you can even request the transcription of messages to attach them to your helpdesk or CRM software. If you have any CRM integrations in Toky active, each received call is automatically registered and even associated to the respective customer, if the phone number is known by your system.

Setting up an exclusive voicemail number with Toky

  1. Buy the phone numbers in the countries and cities where you need them or get a toll-free number.

    Local phone numbers will allow you to receive unlimited calls for free, but Toll-free numbers have a cost per minute depending on the country.

  2. Set the availability for each number to make them are available 24 hours a day.

    Toky IVR configuration

  3. Create a new IVR and add the phone numbers that will be receiving voicemails.

    Toky IVR Add phone numbers
  4. Click on Advanced Settings and configure the IVR as shown in the image to activate the voicemail and decrease the waiting time to leave the message. Click on Save Changes

    Toky IVR configuration
  5. Create a short greeting audio where you notify your customer the purpose of the line and the information he must leave in the voicemail. You can invite him to leave his name and contact information in case he requires a response. You can create this audio, using professional services or you can even use services TTS that convert your text into audio.

  6. Click Configure Audios and load the audio created in the Greeting box. Click Save Changes

    Toky IVR Greeting Audio

  7. Leave the only the option When no digit is pressed in the IVR and select the * Send to voicemail *

    Toky IVR Greeting Audio
  8. Click on the option SMS and Voicemail Notification and in the window enter the emails, separated by a comma, of those you wish to be notified each time a customer leaves a new voicemail.

    Toky IVR voicemail notification
  9. Click Save changes to save the IVR

You will already have your exclusive line enabled for your customers to leave voicemails, which you can find in the Voicemail section of your Toky dashboard.

Configuring voicemail transcription service

If you want your voicemails to be converted to text to be added to your help desk or CRM software, you can go to each phone number and when editing it you can go to the Transcription section and enable the service, select the the language of the received calls and also tell Toky to only transcribe calls of a certain duration; this allows Toky to avoid processing erroneous calls.

The transcription service has a cost per minute that you can check on the same screen or with our customer service team.

Toky IVR speech to text

In addition to voicemail service, with Toky, you can get other features to better serve your customers from your own call center.Try Toky for free!

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