Use Zapier to enhance your call center workflow

Zapier is a platform you can use to create automations with more than 1500 applications, without programming. You'll surely find many of the ones you currently use, including Toky.

Here are some ideas that will help you improve processes in your call center using Zapier and Toky.

Turn missed calls into reminders

Replying to missed calls can help improve your customers’ experience, but it's so much easier when you don't forget them. To do this, use Toky's New Call trigger and add a Zapier filter with the following parameters:

Zapier missed call reminders

You can use this template we created with Asana, and use it with any of the task apps that are available in Zapier:

You can also use the Pushbullet integration to send notifications to your cell phone when you have missed calls, so that actions can be taken quickly, being that a high number of missed calls can indicate high occupancy on your team, and this can be converted into lost customers and less sales.

Log call data in Google Sheets

Inbound calls provide relevant information about your customers. You can keep track and share this information by copying this data to a Google Sheet. You can also use this data to create custom reports.

Send SMS to your customers after receiving a call

You may need to send your customers satisfaction surveys after a call ends; you can do this by integrating Toky's New Call trigger, and a filter for inbound calls. You can also apply this action to calls that have a certain duration to avoid sending unnecessary SMS messages.

Filtar inbound calls Zapier

At the end of the call filter you can use Toky's Send Text Message action by selecting an outbound phone number and the From Number of the call field as the destination.

Zapier send SMS with Toky

Send SMS to your customers after receiving a voicemail

Generally when a customer leaves a voicemail, it's because they were not adequately attended to by any of your agents. You can use Zapier to send them a text message apologizing and indicating that you will be calling them as soon as possible. To do this, you can use the New voicemail trigger and then the Send Text Message action. You can put a filter for the duration of the voicemail to send messages only to those who have recorded a more complete audio.

Send SMS for voicemail

More ideas for using Zapier in your call center

Zapier offers more than 1500 applications including CRM, productive applications, payment platforms, surveys, ecommerce, and many others, to integrate automation without programming. You can review the Toky page in Zapier and look for the applications you use in your day to day, and create integrations adapted to your needs and business processes.

Toky helps thousands of companies to maintain an efficient communication with their customers, by seamlessly connecting them with remote teams in different locations through features designed to improve their business processes. Try Toky for free!

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