Boost sales processes using notes and tags in your calls

A call center can make many calls a day, and you usually need to know the results and details of every important call. Often, when you need information about your last call, you use notes written by hand, which are frequently made at the end of each call. These notes may lack important details to help you close a sale or provide a suitable answer to your customers. Recordings are also a resource to use, but listening to the audio of each call can be very tedious.

When you can add notes to your calls, directly from your virtual phone system, you can simplify your processes. Your agents can add important call details that others can find and use to better prepare the conversation with each client. Notes become a collaborative resource that allows your team to know essential information about each call and add new information if required.

Besides notes, you can also use call tags. Tags are keywords that will allow you to identify and group calls according to your processes or sales stage. For example, you can use the word “Follow up” to identify the calls where you must call the customer later; “Successful sale” can mark those calls that ended in a sale. Combining notes and tags will help you streamline your processes, better prepare calls, check call results and have valuable information without resorting to your agents' memory or listening to a recording.

How to use notes and tags in your calls with Toky?

In Toky you can add notes and tags during your calls by clicking on the Notes button, this will open the call detail screen; there you can write your notes and add new tags.

Call notes and tags

To view the notes and labels of a call or add new information, you can go to the Call History and click on the call detail button to open the call detail screen.

Add call notes and tags

Learn more about how to add notes and tags to your calls in this article from our help center

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