Using WhatsApp Business with multiple users

WhatsApp is a chat tool used by millions of users around the world, and for businesses, it has become a new communication channel with their customers after WhatsApp Business was launched in 2018. There are still many businesses that use the app to maintain connection with their customers, but this app limits them to a single person answering the customers. However, there is an alternative which allows you to have the channel shared between several agents so that they can collaboratively serve your customers, among other features.

What is WhatsApp Business API?

It is a solution for medium and large companies that will allow you to use WhatsApp in a shared way from a web or mobile application. This option is only offered through WhatsApp partners, and after your business goes through an approval process that lasts a couple of weeks.

With Toky, you can start using WhatsApp in your business in the most efficient and practical way. Our team will support you during the registration process until you can start chatting with your customers through our web app or our Toky chats mobile application. Learn more.

What does WhatsApp Business API allow you?

Using WhatsApp with this solution will allow you to integrate the attention of conversations to your call center in an efficient and natural way, allowing your entire team to attend and answer the questions of your customers, improving the efficiency and quality of your customer service, in addition to offering new channels of contact.

It is important to keep in mind that WhatsApp is perceived as a personal communication channel and therefore your customers expect a fast response time, even more than other chat services. Another additional benefit is that you get the actual phone number of the customer, which can be a key piece of information for other marketing campaigns, be it with calls, WhatsApp or SMS.

WhatsApp Business API with Toky will also allow you to have more than one phone number in case you require it, and also allow your agents to take conversations initiated by others, which facilitates collaboration and improves response times with your customers.

In conclusion, in order to use WhatsApp Business with multiple users, it needs to be activiated through an authorized provider who will use WhatsApp Business API to provide you with the service. As for Toky, we will accompany you from the request to WhatsApp until the activation of the service in your account.

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