Virtual phone numbers to boost sales with remote teams

In a world increasingly focused on virtuality, businesses must adapt and learn to work with distributed teams, as working from home becomes more and more common.

Many types of businesses can take advantage of virtual numbers to support their sales and support processes, and improve growth opportunities. Virtual telephony platforms, such as Toky, offer local or toll-free virtual numbers in different cities, helping with the continuity of your processes and sales, serving customers even with your employees working from home.

When you buy one or more online phone numbers for your business you can obtain different benefits such as:

  • Flexibility for managing your sales and customer service teams when they work from home since the customer can always call the same number and you are the one who can assign those who attend them based on their availability and IVR settings. Your agents will even be able to serve clients from their mobile phone with calling apps for iPhone or Android, without having to be connected to a computer.
  • You can get several virtual numbers in the cities where you want to offer your products or services, this not only allows your customers to call you with local rates but it will also allow you to improve the sales opportunities in your outbound call campaigns since people can answer more easily to unknown numbers when they are from the same geographic location.
  • An online phone number can serve as a single point of contact to communicate with different locations in your business. With a single number and configuring your phone menu (IVR) you can have calls directed to different teams. For example, if you have a restaurant chain, you can offer a single contact number and from the IVR allow the customer to select the location with which they wish to communicate; If you have many locations you can easily use a multilevel IVR configuration and adjust it easily from the internet when you need it. Your customers only need to remember a single phone number to call their favorite location.
  • You can have the ability to expand your business to other countries without having to open brick and mortar offices, since you can get local phone numbers in different countries and connect them with the same call center team. This is very useful for cloud service companies (SaaS) and eCommerce or online stores that have international shipments.
  • You can migrate your current phone number to the cloud using portability options to have access to many telephony features at a low cost and with all the benefits that a virtual number can give you.

Buying a virtual phone number is an easy and short process that, depending on the country, may require some documents but in general it can even take minutes. If your business needs to increase its sales, proper communication with your customers is vital to achieve that.

Toky can be easily used in your sales processes to improve them, through voice, SMS and WhatsApp communication channels, integrations and other functionalities that will help your business. Try Toky for free!

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