Virtual phone system as a B2B sales tool

B2B sales processes must face great challenges to be able to take a prospect through each phase of the conversion funnel until a successful sale is achieved. Some of these challenges include the following:

  • Long sales cycles, which in many cases take up to more than 4 months before a successful sale can be achieved.
  • Waste of time on tasks that are not directly related to sales, such as documenting calls, preparing meetings, sending emails, etc.
  • Inability to easily convert corporate clients and overcome sales objections, as a B2B seller can receive up to 4 negative responses before accepting a proposal.

Technology is then a great support for these sales processes, helping to speed up the conversion and follow-up of prospects. Virtual phone systems integrated into a good CRM system becomes a fundamental tool to improve B2B sales processes for the following reasons:

  • Time optimization by allowing calls made to be automatically recorded in your CRM, preventing important contact information from being lost and reducing documentation time.
  • Ease of tracking prospects as you can add tags and notes to the calls that are attached to the documentation in your CRM to determine which customers require follow-up.
  • Reduction of the documentation of the calls thanks to calls recording and the speech to text of the same that can be made from the virtual telephony platform and added as events in the CRM
  • Streamline sales call campaigns with a power dialer, which will help your sales agents call a large number of customers in less time since it is the virtual telephony solution that dials the numbers for the agent, making the process faster and reduce dialing errors. In addition to this, if voicemail drop feature is used, agents with calls sent to voicemail can continue to the next call while the platform leaves messages for them.
  • The ease of buying phone numbers in different countries and cities helps improve the opportunity for your B2B customers to respond by receiving calls from local numbers, which they can also call to talk to your agents and answer questions.
  • You can increase the number of incoming calls from prospects since from your website you can have a live call button with which visitors can contact your call center directly and for free.

Toky's virtual phone system will help you improve your sales and customer service processes, thanks to its call center features and its ability to integrate with CRM software and other business tools. Try Toky for free!

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