Virtual phone systems for Fintech and Digital Banks

Fintech companies are revolutionizing the financial market by offering services focused on segments of the population that are normally outside the financial system, or by presenting new products that help people and businesses to improve their cash flow, access credit or obtain investment recommendations.

Virtual phone systems are an excellent option to improve the communication channels of fintech companies with their clients and also to make their processes more agile, as it's telephony in the cloud, and you can make use of APIs to connect their platforms with your telephony easily.

Types of Fintech

A continuación comparto algunos de los tipos de fintech más comunes:

  • Insurance (InsurTech): These startups want to offer both new insurance products as well as expand insurance sales channels and put them at the service of people and businesses that previously could not acquire them. All this is supported by different technologies such as big data or IoT to even offer personalized products.
  • Regulatory (RegTech): These businesses focus on the use of technology to help individuals and businesses manage, monitor, and meet the requirements of financial regulators.
  • Lending (LendTech): These startups allow the offering of loans for people and companies supported by technology to improve scoring, collection, payment processes and in general make loans available even to unbanked segments of the population.
  • Payments (PayTech): These are companies that rely on technology to facilitate the payment processes of people and companies. They are also known as payment gateways and in addition to helping to expand payment methods, they also offer monitoring and payment statistics for your customers.
  • Personal Finance (WealthTech): These companies focus on supporting the management of people's finances and wealth and also helping to make investments, all supported by technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data to help people take care of their money .
  • Consumer Banking (BankTech): These types of companies want to offer the same services as traditional banks but using technology to simplify processes and even focus their operation on mobile and web apps without requiring physical offices in some cases.

What can a fintech do with a virtual phone system

  • Receive calls directly from your website: Your customers and visitors can contact your call center from your website using a live call button. This can be more effective than a normal phone call since your visitor can consult directly about the information you have published. It also avoids having to have a business card on hand or even use their phone to call you.
  • SMS messages and notifications: You can run your own SMS marketing campaigns or use your virtual phone system API to send text messages when defined events happen. With this, you can notify a client about a credit request status, a lend disbursement, a change in the price of a stock, the reception of a payment etc.
  • Integration of call events with your digital platform: You can rely on your virtual telephony so that your agents can make calls from your platform with just one click or even add the data of the calls to the history of each of your clients either with CRM integrations or using the API to record the data you require.
  • Give a more human contact to your clients: Although chats have become popular, there are certain moments in which your clients or leads will value a voice call, which guarantees them a direct and personalized contact with your team. Especially for insurtech, lendtech and wealthtech solutions where customers may have different questions about the products, a call can help close a sale. The neobanks of the Banktech segment can humanize their contacts, especially when many do not have physical offices. In any case, virtual telephony can offer virtual telephone numbers in different cities or countries so that they can be closer to their clients without having to have a physical office.
  • Diversify and streamline communication with your customers: Use advanced features: Virtual telephony makes it easy for you to add WhatsApp Business to your communication channels or make use of other features such as power dialer and voicemail drop for your marketing campaigns with your customers.

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