How Toky voicemail drop feature can boost your productivity

Toky's voicemail drop is a feature that will avoid your agents to waste precious minutes when making a large number of calls. If after calling your customers, they are sent to voicemail, they can easily ask Toky to leave a pre-recorded voice message automatically, while they can continue to the next call. A great voicemail is better than a missed call and you have a high probability of being heard.

Voicemail drop use cases

The voicemail drop can be used in many ways:

  • You can have a default pre-recorded audio to leave when you are sent to voicemail, and you can avoid repeating calling scripts over and over.
  • Improve the effectiveness customizing your voicemail, greeting the customer by name and then letting Toky play the selected audio while you call the next one.
  • You can easily leave audio notifications to your customers, executing the voicemail drop not only when you reach voicemail, but when the user answers you. This option is very useful with payment reminders or informational messages that do not require any type of conversation with the customer.

How Toky's voicemail drop works

Using Toky's Voicemail drop feature is very simple:

  1. Call your customer or lead from the Toky web application and wait for it to be sent to voicemail or answer the call and you will have the VM Drop button available.
  2. Click on the button to open the audio selection window.
  3. Select the desired audio from the list and click the Leave message and hang up button. Toky will take care of the rest, leaving the voicemail and then hanging up the call. Therefore, you can continue and call the next customer or lead, saving time.
Voicemail drop Toky

How to create audios for your voicemail drop

  1. Enter your personal Toky profile
  2. Click on Call Settings
  3. Click on Set up Voicemail Drop audios
  4. Record your audios, or load audios to use with the voicemail drop option.
Select voicemail drop audios

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