What a good telemarketing solution for businesses should have

Regardless of whether your customers are people (B2C) or companies (B2B), you are likely to have telemarketing as one of your practices to get customers. Although you can also make contacts with cold emails or other methods, one of the main objectives is to make a demonstration appointment or just to make a direct sale through a phone call.

For these phone sales process, you can simply use a landline or mobile phone, but a telemarketing solution is much more effective and can be implemented easily and at a very low cost with virtual telephony. There are some basic elements that a telephony solution used for sales calls should have:

Easy setup and low installation cost

Start making calls to your customers should not require specialized personnel or high investments in devices and software; a telemarketing solution should allow your sales team to start calling your customers and prospects in a very short time. By using a VoIP solution, cloud telephony platforms like Toky operate in the cloud, so you only need computers or mobile devices with an internet connection. These virtual phone platforms can be used from an agent onwards with some [very low costs] (https://toky.co/en/pricing) compared to traditional telephony solutions. Cloud telephony is paid a service, usually per month, and you can add or remove agents to your sales team, according to your needs.

Local and international phone calls at low price per minute

It is very important to be able to call customers to any country without worrying about the cost per minute, especially if your business or startup has clients globally. Sales phone calls are not usually short. Your agents should not have extra pressure for a high cost of the calls so they can focus on making an appropriate sales process without feeling anxious. The prices per minute of telephony platforms in the cloud like Toky, are very low compared to traditional telephony; even for international calls.

Phone calls should be easy to make

If you are going to make phone calls, the process should be simple. You should not be limited to landlines or mobile phones to call your customers. With traditional solutions, all calls are made with telephones, but with virtual telephony, VoIP usage allows your agents to make and receive calls using their browsers or even call your customers with a click from your CRM system; also with Toky you can use our Android app to make and receive calls from your customers from your smartphone. Being able to call from an application and not from a telephone provides control of the calls and reduces the risk of dialing wrong numbers.

Control of outbound phone calls

You should be able to track the outbound calls to have a history of contacts with your customers and avoid confusion, as well as to measure the activity and effectiveness of your sales team. A telemarketing solution for your business should allow detailed recording of calls made by each agent and provide reports that facilitate the control of the operation of your sales team and the costs of the calls. It is also recommended that your telephony solution can be integrated with your CRM so that the log of calls made is automatically added. Calling your customers and then registering the call manually is not very practical and becomes more difficult as you increase your customers and your sales team.

Easy to set up your agent team

Adding or removing agents for your sales team should not be a headache for technical reasons, high prices or contractual limitations. In some seasons you may require more people making calls and adding them should be simple. Unlike a traditional telephony solution, with virtual telephony, you can assemble a team of agents that do not necessarily have to be in the same office or even in the same country; with a distributed team you can make calls and operate as a single telemarketing team. You can start with a single agent and grow as your business requires it and your agents can even work easily from home which can greatly reduce the cost of hiring services, as it does not require providing offices.

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