What businesses need a call center?

Customer service has become more than a necessity, it's become a competitive advantage for many types of businesses. It is very common to think that a call center is only required for large companies that have a large volume of clients; But the truth is that regardless of whether your customers are people (B2C), or companies (B2B), a call center will help you improve the quality of your customer service, and their shopping experience. It is not necessary to have dozens of agents, even a simple model with one or two agents has represented a great improvement in the image of companies towards customers.

Offering centralized contact channels either to receive calls, chats or emails, always simplifies the process both for your business, through centralized and controlled order, claims, and support processes; as well as for customers, who perceive this simplicity as a benefit.

How do I know if my business requires a call center?

Regardless of whether your business sells goods or services, since you already have a large number of clients, you must bear in mind different factors to evaluate when you need a call center team:

  • If you receive a significant amount of post-sale calls with inquiries, questions, or support requests, it's inconvenient to have these being attended to by a receptionist. It's better to have a dedicated team for this. \

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  • If your sales team makes numerous calls for pre-sales processes, or to finalize a purchase, a call center will allow you to have centralized control of all these contacts with customers.
In general, if your business processes are supported by constant contact with your customers both for the sales process or after sales, or if the number of calls begins to exceed the capacity of your current team and you perceive dissatisfaction in your customers, your business can rely on a call center to solve many of your problems.

How big should a business call center be?

This question perhaps limits many businesses to dedicate a team to the attention of their clients. When a call center is mentioned, a large room full of people with headsets and computers comes to mind. Although this may be true for large companies that serve thousands of clients in different countries, your company may not require that. There are virtual telephony solutions, such as Toky, in which you can start with a single agent, with all the characteristics that your clients perceive as an organized support channel. After starting with a small team, you can start adding new agents as your business demands it, and for this, you can start evaluating the following metrics:
  • Number of calls received per day and per hour
  • Number of missed calls
  • Calls outside of business hours
  • Average duration of incoming and outgoing calls

These are just some of the indicators that you can easily check with the reports of a virtual phone system.

What level of dedication should your call center agents have?

Depending on the number of calls, you may have people doing other tasks but giving priority to the attention of the customer service channels, or perhaps you define that 100% of their day should be for this task. Keep in mind that a call center agent not only makes and receives calls, but must also document customer contacts in a CRM, plan follow-up calls, and sometimes generate call reports.

Solutions such as Toky have integrations with different CRMs that facilitate making calls and automatically records call events, speeding up the tasks of your agents, also allowing you to directly add notes and tags to calls to facilitate subsequent inquiries and reports.

What types of businesses use a call center?

Although as mentioned above, any business with high contact with its customers can benefit from a dedicated customer service team, we present some types of businesses that can use a call center:

Product sales sector

  • E-commerce sites
  • Retail stores
  • Insurance companies
  • Manufacturers of technological products
  • Drugstores

Service sales sector

  • Financial entities, banks and savings banks
  • Market research and sociological analysis companies
  • Telemarketing companies
  • Government services
  • Logistics companies
  • Health services
  • Telephone or telecommunications companies
  • Food or product delivery companies

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