What is a Virtual Call Center and what can it do for your business?

Usually, if you want to create a call center for your business, you must set up a physical space and provide technological and telecommunications infrastructure that allows your agents to properly answer and make calls to customers. This is something that requires time, effort and a considerable investment; but thanks to VoIP technology and other solutions hosted in the cloud, you can access a solution adequate to your budget and needs.

What's virtual call center?

It is a call center based on cloud technologies, which allows customers to communicate with your business and talk with members of your team as if they were located in the same office, but they can actually be in their homes, on the street or they can even answer from different countries. This cloud-based solution offers services like inbound and outbound calls, call queue, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), call forwarding, monitoring, reporting and much more features which can help you improve customer experience. A virtual call center software facilitates distributed teams to show themselves to their clients as a single entity, offering also CRM integrations, and other features to improve collaboration and productivity.

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What are the benefits of a virtual call center?

By not depending on a physical location, being a cloud platform, this type of call center software, will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Quick and easy set up: Being a virtual phone system, your telephony is hosted on the cloud and it is paid as a service, so you do not require technological infrastructure and you only need a good internet connection and the devices you normally use and the settings are easy to do.
  • Less operating costs: You don't require call center agents located in an office and this allow you save the cost related to this space and the infrastructure.
  • Lower personnel costs: By allowing agents to work from home or from anywhere, you reduce the maintenance costs associated with your employees, such as water, electricity, rentals, food, etc. Besides, you can make offer call center agents jobs, in countries where you can pay a competitive salary at a lower cost for your business.
  • Extended customer support hours: Generally, phone customer service is limited by the working hours of the country where your headquarter is located; but if your business is global, you can incorporate people in other time zones, extending the day of customer service.
  • Mobility: A Virtual Call center software, will allow your agents to answer calls from anywhere with a decent internet connection, using a browser, calling apps or mobile apps. Also, you can get call forwarding to fixed or mobile phone lines.
  • Easy to grow internationally: If your business is global, you can buy virtual phone numbers in different countries where you want your business to be present and assign them to your agents. These numbers can be local business phone numbers or Toll-free numbers.
  • Increase of confidence of your clients: When your customers call your business, receive a good greeting audio and a good call center agent, willing to help him, this will greatly improve the image that your customers have about your business.

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