What is Call Tracking and how to apply it with Toky

It is estimated that calls convert 10 to 12 times more customers than leads obtained from the web, and the power of phone calls in sales is been getting stronger with increased use of smartphones; even now Google, allows adding direct call options in ads and search results as a conversion goal. Click to call business calls Anyone has access to a telephone, so promoting phone calls is a very effective and inexpensive way to get customers. You can use your business phone number in online campaigns in search engines, social media or display networks and you also can use more traditional offline advertising such as billboards, ads, flyers or announcements in mass media. But if you have your phone published in all these marketing campaigns, how do you know which of them is more effective? If you know this, you can stop investing in campaigns that generate fewer leads and add more budget to the one that gives you the most benefits.

Some businesses have a survey where they ask customers how they learn about them, which can be useful, but it can hurt your sales process, as your customers call you to find out about your product or service, not to answer a survey. To identify easily the source of the leads who call your business, you can use call tracking.

What is Call Tracking?

Basically, it is dedicating specific phone numbers for each of your marketing campaigns, so that you can measure the effectiveness of each one by knowing which one has generated more inbound calls and customers. Some advanced solutions involve adding code to your website to allow a dynamic change of the phone number presented according to traffic source (organic, AdWords, social networks, etc.), but initially, you can make an easier implementation based on virtual phone numbers, and that's what we're going to explain here.

How to make basic Call Tracking using Toky?

To start using Toky as a basic Call Tracking solution for your online and offline marketing campaigns you must follow these steps:

  1. Define the marketing campaigns to execute: Decide if you are going to make online campaigns in search engines (SEM), social media (SMM), etc. or if you are going to start also offline campaigns such as billboards and flyers. Assign a campaigns duration and a budget to each one. For example, let's say we are a real estate agency and we want to promote some apartments; We are going to do 3 campaigns: Adwords Campaign, Facebook Ads and some offline with billboards and flyers.

    You may be interested: AdWords now allows you to add a call extension to your ads, or make a special conversion-oriented call. These options allow the customer to directly call the number you indicate by clicking on their smartphone.

  2. Assign specific virtual phone numbers to each marketing campaign: With Toky you can easily buy virtual phone numbers in more than 60 countries and with prices starting in $4. You can use numbers for the duration of the campaign and if they are local numbers, inbound calls are free. In this example, we will request 3 phone numbers in the USA and we will assign them a name corresponding to each campaign: Buy virtual telephone number

  3. Launch the campaign: With your marketing team start launching the campaigns assigning each one the phone number previously defined.
  4. Tracking your campaigns: Our conversion goals are based mainly on inbound calls received, so using the Toky report of Calls by phone number you can evaluate for a certain period of time the number of inbound calls for each virtual number. Virtual phone number report
  5. Optimize: After a while you evaluate the number of calls received for each number and if you can, the number of customers obtained. For this, you can use the integration of Toky with your CRM so that the call is registered and associated with a lead and you can even define both the leads and the conversions.>You can even assess the effectiveness of your marketing investment, dividing the cost of each campaign between the calls received; For this sample case if you invested $500 in AdWords and you had 53 calls then each lead cost you $9.4, in the same way you can do it for each of your other campaigns. This way you can determine which is the most effective and distribute your marketing budget better.

In conclusion, the use of virtual phone numbers in your marketing strategy can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns, to better distribute your budget and to better target those that generate more customers. Call tracking could help you make the ROI of your marketing efforts more visible so you can make better decisions.

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