Getting started with WhatsApp Business in Toky

WhatsApp Business is a solution that will allow your business to start having direct conversations with its more than 1.5 billion users. This popular chat app combines the power of SMS immediacy with the confidence of an identified customer who can trust they’re talking to an official channel for your company. This is how your customers, instead of having to visit your site to start a chat or find your phone number to call your business, they can start a conversation with your official WhatsApp Business account. This immediate and personal access will improve the quality of your customer service, even make it more personal.

Why use WhatsApp Business with a virtual number instead of just downloading it to your mobile device?

The WhatsApp Business mobile app offers great benefits for its users, but it focuses a lot on small businesses since it can only be installed on one device at a time, which makes it difficult to use if you have dedicated teams for sales or customer support. If you are a medium or large company, you must opt for a solution integrated with WhatsApp such as that offered by Toky, where you will have a much more robust platform that will allow you to handle your chats from the web application and a multi-user capacity to answer customer-initiated conversations. If you want to access WhatsApp Business, Toky will accompany you at every step of the process.

How to apply for WhatsApp Business?

Any company that wants to have direct contact with its customers can use WhatsApp Business, but WhatsApp has a meticulous selection process for companies that want to use its solution. Toky will support you in the whole process, if you want to apply, you can fill out the application on this form; subsequently, our customer service team will contact you when more information is required.

We will notify you within a few weeks if your company is approved by WhatsApp.

How can you use WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp wants to prevent its platform from being used for spam and other activities that may have a negative effect not only on their image but also on the quality of its service. This is why marketing and advertising messages are forbidden, and it allows the following use cases:

  • Customer initiated conversations: You can chat with your customers, as long as they have started the conversation; this ensures an explicit acceptance of an established communication channel. After the customer has started the conversation, you have a period of 24 hours to send as many messages as you need to answer their questions. This channel is direct and allows you to answer conversations with identifiable customers, who can send you not only text messages but also images, documents, videos, audios, and location pins; so you can offer a better service.
  • Notifications: You can use the WhatsApp Business solution to send notifications about appointments, billing updates, and other specified uses. This feature is available by using WhatsApp pre-approved templates.

Notification templates will not be available initially in the early access period but they will be activated later.

How does WhatsApp Business work with Toky?

You can reply to customer’s messages from our web app, create new contacts from customers who contact you on WhatsApp and control the 24 hours expiration of every chat session. Every conversation is stored in our platform, and you can archive finished conversations to unclutter your WhatsApp screen.

With Toky, you can enable WhatsApp Business to have a direct and effective communication channel that can help you improve your sales and customer service processes. Try Toky for free

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